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  • Milky Way above Australia's Davis research station

    Antarctic lessons for space

    Antarctica is the closest you can get to space without leaving Earth.

  • new Australian Antarctic Science Council

    New Australian Antarctic Science Council meets

    The newly formed Australian Antarctic Science Council met in Canberra for the first time this week.

  • A green laser probes high-altitude clouds above Davis research station, in a night sky of auroras and stars.

    Antarctic laser probes ozone-eating clouds

    For the first time this Antarctic winter, but a little later than usual, polar stratospheric clouds have been detected above Davis research station.

  • Davis research station Weather Observer, Amy Geels, braves the minus 1.5 degrees water

    Australians plunge into ice hole in midwinter dark

    It’s minus 23 degrees Celsius, dark and you’re standing on the edge of a hole dug into the sea-ice – what do you do?

  • Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard with former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, signing a book.

    Tribute to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

    The Australian Antarctic Program is today paying tribute to former Prime Minister, Robert (Bob) Hawke, who played a pivotal role in conserving Antarctica for future generations.

  • Two of the tractors ready to undergo a transformation

    Tractor transformation time

    Hold still, this won’t hurt a bit! A fleet of tractor transformers are being Antarcti-fied in Hobart.

  • Southern Ocean and iceberg on grey stormy day

    World Oceans Day 2019

    For World Oceans Day, we ask: how awesome is the Southern Ocean?

  • Scientist inside trench with ice drill

    World Environment Day 2019

    With the focus of this year’s World Environment Day on air pollution, what of the natural ability of the atmosphere to clean itself of pollutants?

  • Expeditioners silhouetted against sunset

    Icy Twilight Zone

    Australian Antarctic expeditioners are living in the twilight zone after the last sunset on the icy continent for weeks.

  • Nuyina in the wet dock in Romania.

    Nuyina in harbour tests

    Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina is being put through its paces with a barrage of tests on the propulsion, bilge, ballast and other auxiliary systems.

  • View of a 16.3 metre long barge under construction.

    New watercraft construction barging ahead

    Construction of two 'heavy lift' barges for the new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, is underway at Tasmanian shipbuilders, Taylor Bros.

  • Expeditioner at ballot box with sea ice in background

    Democracy in the deep freeze

    It takes more than five thousand kilometres of isolation and the long night of a polar winter to dampen the democratic desire of an ardent Antarctic voter.

  • Stretcher on ice cliff

    Search and rescue on the ice

    When you’re 5475 kilometres from help, you need to know you can rely on the team around you.

  • Group of expeditioners in snow with messages for Mother's Day

    Mother's Day 2019

    Despite being a long way from home this Mother’s Day, Australia’s Antarctic expeditioners at Mawson, Davis and Casey research stations are sending a whole lot of love from the ice.

  • a dog wearing a vest on Macquarie Island

    Keeping Macca rodent-free

    At the frontline of biosecurity on Macquarie Island is a lively dog called Nui, making sure that rodents don't return.

  • Royal penguins at Macquarie Island

    World Penguin Day 2019

    To mark World Penguin Day this year, we pay tribute to these amazing birds with some interesting facts about the 18 species that inhabit the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Leslie Russell Blake

    Southern Ocean to the Somme

    Today as the sun rises over Antarctica, dawn services at our research stations commemorate Anzac Day.

  • Casey station chef, Jordan Smith, puts the finishing touches on a cake in the kitchen

    The icing on the cake

    The wintering chef at Casey research station, Jordan Smith, has worked in kitchens from the French Alps to the Kimberley, but says the icing on the cake has been her time in Antarctica.

  • Scientists prepare to extract a fast-ice core to characterize sea-ice properties, including ice-crystal structure, salinity, density or chlorophyll content.

    Australian Antarctic Program Partnership

    The Australian Antarctic Division welcomes the opportunity to work with core partners the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology as part of the new Australian Antarctic Program Partnership (AAPP).

  • Aerial view of Mawson station

    Government response to Antarctic inquiry

    The Government has responded to recommendations from the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories (JSCNCET) inquiry into the adequacy of Australia’s infrastructure assets and capability in Antarctica.

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