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  • AAD Director Kim Ellis presents Casey station leader Christine MacMillian with a commemorative poster

    50 years of history at Casey research station

    Antarctic expeditioners celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of Casey research station today.

  • A helicopter and a jet aircraft on an ice runway

    Ice runway reopens

    Flights into Australia’s Wilkins Aerodrome in Antarctica resumed yesterday, following a twelve week shutdown for major reconstruction works on the 3.5 kilometre runway strip.

  • Antarctic krill

    Giant krill swarms in 3D

    For the first time on an Australian research vessel, giant krill swarms are being captured in 3D using echosounders in the Southern Ocean.

  • Kim Ellis outside building

    New Director for the Australian Antarctic Division

    The new Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Kim Ellis, takes up his leadership role.

  • A 20 cm chunk of brown mumijo.

    Fossilised spit captures birds' Antarctic history

    Fossilised layers of spit, or ‘mumijo’, at snow petrel breeding sites, are helping seabird scientists understand how long the birds have inhabited sites in East Antarctica.

  • Expeditioner demonstrating the signed cricket bat in use

    Search for story behind mystery Antarctic cricket bat

    A cricket mystery story is unfolding in Antarctica this Australia Day, after the discovery of a unique bat signed by the 1988 Australian and Sri Lankan test teams.

  • Antarctic blue whale underwater

    Antarctic krill, blue whales and the power of poo

    The most comprehensive scientific voyage ever undertaken to study the largest creature on Earth and its food source heads to the Antarctic ice edge.

  • Emperor penguins peering at the camera on the ice

    2018 - what an ice year!

    Selfie-taking emperor penguins, a headless chicken monster and film star Sam Neill, its been another amazing year for the Australian Antarctic Program.

  • Expeditioners sitting around a table enjoying Christmas lunch

    On the Christmas menu in Antarctica

    Since the earliest days of Antarctic exploration, the food and festivity of Christmas has been an important morale booster for expeditioners far from home.

  • A panoramic view taken from Davis station of the sun low over Prydz Bay, with the Aurora Australis and a hagglund in view.

    Marking the midnight sun in Antarctica

    Antarctic expeditioners are reaching for their eye masks as the summer solstice arrives.

  • rainbow in sea spray

    Seeding southern clouds

    A mobile air chemistry lab called AIRBOX is hitching a ride on Australia’s icebreaker.

  • Central driving console.

    Building a bridge

    The bridge of Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina has come a long way from a scale model on paper to a final functional design boasting cutting-edge technology.

  • Expeditioner in a tracked over-snow vehicle called a Hagglunds

    Join the A-list

    Join the A-list and experience astonishing Antarctica!

  • Aurora Australis

    Aurora Australis sails to icy symphony

    A celebrity composer is aboard Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis, as it heads south for Casey research station this week.

  • The new Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Mr Kim Ellis

    New Director of Australian Antarctic Division

    A new Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has been announced by the Federal Minister for the Environment today.

  • Man in snow

    Dr Nick Gales ends unique Antarctic journey

    The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), Dr Nick Gales, ends his long career with the Program on 29 November.

  • Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

    Natural born krillers

    A special delivery of 10,000 live Antarctic krill arrived in Hobart today aboard Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis.

  • An iceberg against a pink sunset.

    Australian Antarctic Medal nominations open

    Nominations are now invited for people who have made an outstanding contribution to Australia’s Antarctic Program.

  • A black and white image of an aircraft on a crane suspended from the side of a ship

    Celebrating 90 years of Antarctic aviation

    Today marks the 90th anniversary of the first powered flight over Antarctica, on 16 November 1928, by Australian adventurer Sir George Hubert Wilkins in a Lockheed Vega 1.

  • Jessica Ericson and Antarctic Division krill biologist Dr So Kawaguchi standing at a krill tank.

    Antarctic krills' secret weapon against ocean acidification

    Adult Antarctic krill have a secret weapon for survival in a high carbon dioxide world.

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