New HIMI Management Plan

King penguins in a bay with Heard Island's volcano in the background
The new HIMI Marine Reserve Management Plan 2014-2024 has been released. (Photo: Matt Curnock)

A new Management Plan for Australia’s Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) Marine Reserve has been approved by the Federal Government.

The HIMI Marine Reserve Management Plan 2014-2024 covers about 71 000 km2 of terrestrial and marine areas and has a strong focus on biosecurity and waste management.

The new plan includes 6200 km2 of high conservation waters, supporting distinct benthic habitats, species and ecosystems, added to the Reserve in March this year.

HIMI is located about 4000 km south-west of mainland Australia in the southern Indian Ocean. The islands are Australia’s largest International Union for Conservation of Nature 1a Strict Nature Reserve and home to Australia’s only active volcano, Big Ben, rising 2745 m above sea level.