Freeze Frame

An aurora behind the wind turbine at Mawson.
An aurora behind the wind turbine at Mawson. (Photo: Chris Wilson)
Picture of Chris Wilson in Antarctica

Chris Wilson has worked at Casey, Davis and Mawson stations as the Australian Antarctic Division's Building Services Supervisor between 2006 and 2011. He aims to produce photographs of a high technical and artistic standard, which document the constantly changing landscape of Antarctica.

"It was a bitterly cold March morning at Mawson station when I looked out my bedroom window to discover a spectacular aurora behind one of the wind turbines. With the wind around 40 knots, I found a spot on the leeward side of the Wombat building and composed the image in the faint glow of a nearby light. I took a series of shots, but the strong colour contrast in this one drew my eye. I used a Canon 1Ds Mark III camera with a 17 mm TS-E lens. This image ‘Blown Away’ received a special mention in the 2011 Extreme Environment Photographic Competition."