Station leaders for 2002

A management consultant, a career pubic servant executive, a school deputy principal and a scientist with a PhD in hydrology make up one of the most experienced leadership teams of Australia's Antarctic program for many years.

All four of the 2002 station leaders know the job from previous experience. Michael Carr (Mawson 2000, Macquarie Island 1998, and Davis 1994), returns to Davis; Joan Russell, (Macquarie Island 1994, Casey 1990) returns to Macquarie Island; Marilyn Boydell (Casey 2000) tackles Mawson and John Rich (Macquarie Island 1990) will spend the year at Casey.

The challenges facing them include conducting a tractor traverse in support of a major scientific program in the Southern Prince Charles Mountains (Marilyn); coordinating operational support for the largest of the Australian Antarctic scientific programs (Michael), managing the final stages of a successful feral animal eradication program (Joan) and overseeing establishment of the infrastructure for air flights into Antarctica to connect with the other Australian stations (John).