Antarctic exhibitions attract thousands

The Australian Antarctic Division staged a photographic exhibition in Canberra's Parliament House to mark the anniversary of the first Antarctic Treaty meeting held in Canberra in 1961. The exhibition was held in the Presiding Officers' Gallery from 28 April to 30 May and featured the images taken by Australian expeditioner-photographers.

The AAD also participated in the annual Australian Science Festival at the National Convention Centre in Canberra from 1 to 5 May. The Science Festival aims to promote science and technology to society through exhibitions, films, workshops and keynote talks. Professor Michael Stoddart, ANARE Chief Scientist, and Dr Stephen Nicol, Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program Leader, gave lectures on Australian research programs in the Antarctic, and Rob King from the AAD's AMLR program organised an interactive display, including a live krill aquarium, that attracted about 40,000 visitors over the five days.

The AAD's travelling exhibition "Beyond the Ice", a fresh look at Antarctic science and the big questions it seeks to answer, continues its tour of rural and regional Australia. Now 18 months into its program, the APEX-hosted exhibition is currently in Lithgow, NSW, along with the NSW State Library's travelling exhibition on the photography of Frank Hurley.