Field support vehicles

Challenger and Hägglunds vehicles parked in the moonlight underneath a wide sky of stars
Challenger and Hägglunds vehicles parked by Casey expeditioners at Law Dome. (Photo: Shane Kern)
Two vehicles park in the snow with men emerging from each vehicleMawson station Hagglund heading off in the morning twilight

Vehicles are deployed at each station to support field activities ranging from trips close to the station to deep field programs thousands of kilometres away.

These vehicles include:

  • Honda TRX300 and TRX350 quads with sleds and small trailers
  • Snowmobiles: either Bombardier skidoos or Arctic Cats
  • Hägglunds BU206 D5, D6 and Echo models towing 2 tonne tracked trailers and sleds
  • Foremost Nodwell & Pioneer all terrain carriers
  • Caterpillar D7G and D7H low ground pressure tractors towing 20 tonne sleds