Spider webs on containers
Spiders' webs on cargo pose quarantine risks (Photo: N. Chilcott)
Dirt gathered at the base of a machine.

Quarantine requirements

Quarantine procedures are an integral part of the AAD shipping operations. When travelling south, cargo and expeditioners are subject to quarantine controls to reduce the risk of alien introductions to Antarctic and subantarctic environments.

Southbound AAD voyages are outside the application of AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) administered legislation, however AAD has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Quarantine Tasmania to ensure that high quarantine standards are maintained to protect the Antarctic environment.

On their return to Australia, Antarctic Division vessels are governed by both Commonwealth and State legislation, administered through AQIS and Quarantine Tasmania.

When returning from Antarctica, a number of quarantine issues need to be considered. All items, cargo and personal effects, imported into Australia must be clean and free of soil and other contaminants that could carry pests and disease.

Declarations to Customs and Quarantine must be completed for personal effects, and all cabin baggage is subject to examination, or may even be x-rayed, upon arrival. Scientists MUST check whether an AQIS Import Permit is required to import samples as these will be granted prior to the expedition's departure from Australia.