Details of cargo and contents need to be provided to the AAD for the shipping manifest. This information must be supplied at the time of cargo lodgement.

If you are not delivering your goods in person to the Macquarie 4 cargo centre (or the Kingston store), you need to fill out an electronic cargo notice (eCon) and attach your consignment number to your boxes before despatching them to the cargo centre. This enables Customs compliance as well as the proper manifesting and tracking of your cargo and contents. The contents of all cargo items must be listed out in full.

Manifests are produced for the ship, voyage management and logistics staff, the stations, Customs, Quarantine and waste management contractors.

The success of this process depends on the accuracy of information lodged by the consignor.

If your cargo contains a number of line items it may be quicker to use the ‘spreadsheet slam’ facility. This involves entry of cargo item descriptions into an Excel spreadsheet which is then ‘slammed’ into the cargo management system rather than having to enter each line separately.