Consign your cargo

Cargo is carried by helicopter from the ship to the shore.
Helicopter bringing cargo ashore from Aurora Australis (Photo: Jeremy Smith)

Electronic Consignment System (Econ)

Information regarding cargo must be entered into AAD's Electronic Consignment System (Econ), prior to cargo required by date for the nominated transport (30 days prior to scheduled departure). Information entered into the Econ system is referred to as consignments (Econs).

As soon as you know you have a requirement to send cargo, it is recommended that a consignment is created in Econ, so the AAD has visibility of cargo. Check the shipping and flight schedule information for scheduled departure dates and Cargo Required By Dates (CRBD) for transport options.

Econ help

To assist you in creating and completing your consignments (Econs), please refer to the below How to Guides and Cheat sheets.

How-to guides

Cheat sheets