Frequently asked questions about flying

Do I need to carry my passport for the flight?

Yes. Please have your passport with you when you arrive at the airport. Do not store it in your check-in luggage.

You will be required to present to Customs prior to departure with your passport.

When returning to Australia, during the flight you will be asked to complete an Incoming Passenger Declaration form which will be handed out by your flight coordinator. You will present this declaration as well as your passport to Customs on arrival at Hobart airport.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return to Australia.

What time do A319 flights depart Hobart and when do I need to be at the airport?

To ensure optimal landing conditions at Wilkins Aerodrome, A319 departure times from Hobart can vary through the course of the season.

Departures can occur between midnight and 0700 hours (Hobart time GMT +10).

You need to be at Hobart International Airport no later than 90 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure.

Can I make a Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) claim if travelling on the A319?

Yes. TRS claims can be processed by Customs at Hobart International Airport. You will need to present the goods on which you are claiming TRS to Customs at this time. Please note that goods you are claiming on TRS will be included in your 45 kg check-in baggage limit.

In general terms, TRS claims are only suitable for people who will be wintering in Antarctica. If you are travelling to Antarctica for a summer or shorter period, you may be required to pay duty on the goods when you return.

To find out more information on the TRS Scheme, please go the Customs website.

Please read the information contained in the above website, or contact Customs on 1300 363 263, for clarification.

What should I wear on the flight?

During your flight you should wear comfortable clothing, the same as you'd wear on any commercially operated passenger flight.

Prior to descent into Wilkins, you will be asked to change into your Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) issued Survival Clothing contained in your Red AAD issued kit bag.

You will then be required to wear this survival clothing for the remainder of the flight, whilst at Wilkins, and for your trip to Casey.

The clothes you wear on the flight will need to be packed back into your AAD issued red survival bag after you have changed into your survival clothing.

Returning to Australia

When you are returning to Australia, you will be required to wear your AAD issued survival clothing for the trip to Wilkins and during the early stages of your flight. You will be advised during the flight when you can change into something more comfortable, similar to the clothing you would wear on any normal commercial operated passenger flight.

Please keep your AAD clothing separate from you personal gear as all returnable AAD clothing will be collected from you on arrival at Hobart Airport.

Are meals provided on the flight?

Light meals and refreshments will be provided during the flight.

For quarantine purposes, please do not bring any fresh fruit or sandwiches with you on the flight

Can I take alcohol onto the flight?

No alcohol can be carried onto the A319, either in your day pack or check-in luggage.

When will I be issued with my AAD clothing kit?

If you have not already received an AAD-issued clothing kit, you will receive this kit on the day before your flight is due to depart.

This will be done prior to you attending your pre-departure flight briefings at the AAD.

How do I know if my flight is departing on time?

You will be advised of the current status of your flight at your pre-departure flight briefings which will be run by an AAD Flight Co-ordinator. The Flight Co-ordinator will also meet you at the airport and travel with you on your flight.

Pre-departure flight briefings will be held at the AAD on the day prior to your scheduled flight. Attendance at these briefings is compulsory.

Final confirmation of flight departure will be provided via e-mail and SMS message by the AAD by 1700 hrs on the day prior to your scheduled departure.

Email address and mobile number used will be as you provided in your AAO Profile, so please make sure your profile is up to date by visiting AAO.

Please be aware that due to weather conditions, flight delays can occur. You need to factor this into your accommodation arrangements for your stay in Hobart.

Flight information will also be recorded on the AAD's Transport Information Telephone Service. You can access this service by dialling 1800 030 744.

If you have more specific flight related enquiries you can email the AAD aviation section.