Hobart International Airport

If you are flying to Antarctica, you will depart on the A319 Airbus from the Hobart International Airport, 17 kilometres from the city.

Departure time is intended to be 0700 and you must arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to this. This early departure time ensures that the aircraft arrives at Wilkins ice runway when the friction on the runway is best.

As times for optimal landing conditions can vary, you will be informed of all the specific arrangements for your departure once you get to Kingston. The flight to Wilkins takes about 4.5 hours.

All expeditioners are responsible for getting themselves to the airport on time. Cabcharges will be issued to AAD-employees.

Any sharp tools and objects, such as Swiss army knives, must be placed in your check-in luggage. You will not be permitted to carry them aboard. Other dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries found in digital cameras, may be forbidden.

You must ensure that your boots and clothing have been well cleaned. Customs and Quarantine (AQIS) personnel will check all your luggage and clothing at the airport.

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