Weather and time


Research stationObservation date (UTC)Air temperatureAir pressureWind speed
Casey23-Feb-2018 06:00:50−2.4°C988.8 hPa21 km/h
Davis23-Feb-2018 06:01:040.8°C982.9 hPa13 km/h
Macquarie Island23-Feb-2018 06:00:426.9°C1003.7 hPa34 km/h
Mawson23-Feb-2018 06:01:06−3.6°C989.1 hPa43 km/h
Dome A23-Feb-2018 04:50:11−38.82°C680.4 hPa11 km/h


Australia’s Antarctic stations all operate on different times. Except during the summer season (October to March) the stations are in different time zones, reflecting the longitudinal distance that separates them.

Time differences between Australia and the stations vary from state to state and also with daylight saving regimes during summer. The following list indicates the time difference, where applicable, between Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) and local time at each station:

Station/locationCurrent timeHours behind AEST/AEDT
Aurora Australis01:01 PM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+74
Casey station05:01 PM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+110
Davis station01:01 PM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+74
Macquarie Island station05:01 PM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+110
Mawson station11:01 AM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+56
Wilkins Aerodrome05:01 PM, 23 Feb 2018, UTC+110