This week at Mawson

31 August 2012 All on one page
Adult and large chick still on the parent's feet Birthdays celebrated in sugary style and an update on what is happening at the Auster emperor penguin colony

24 August 2012 All on one page
One of the Mawson wind turbines in light drifting snow Mid-point dinner with wine tasting and Mawson's wind turbines get a greasy check-up.

17 August 2012 All on one page
A collage of a balloon release At Mawson, the Meteorological Team explains weather balloons and laments the last sunrise visible from station, snow angels appear and there is diamond dust in the air.

10 August 2012 All on one page
The Macey red Apple Shelter at night with the moon and green curtains of an aurora Pete's July report explaining jollies and the changeover at Auster with the chicks hatching. Don't miss these adorable photos!

3 August 2012 All on one page
The rising sun just above the horizon with the sky lit up A truly fascinating story about magnetic observations and Pete captures beautiful natural phenomena at Mawson station.

27 July 2012 All on one page
Two penguins standing and three lying down in the foreground 100m away from a large huddle of thousands of penguins A second visit to the emperor penguins at the Auster colony and not your every day garbage run on station.

20 July 2012 All on one page
The huddle moving with penguins streaming down one side as they move their position within the huddle Come with Mawson expeditioners to witness one of the most spectacular and unique experiences on the planet! We provide comprehensive coverage of an expedition to the Auster emperor penguin colony including unique perspective from each expeditioner and photos that will impress. Wayne also celebrates a birthday!

13 July 2012 All on one page
Moon setting behind an ice berg A State of Origin rugby report and an amazing sea-ice trip to the Taylor Glacier emperor penguin colony this week at Mawson.

6 July 2012 All on one page
The toy koala named Bear Grylls attached to the window of the tracked vehicle before departure  Mawson invites you to the Antarctic Food Festival. We also have Pete's report, Bear Grylls embarking on another adventure and tea time for Paul's birthday.

29 June 2012 All on one page
Looking east over East Bay with the wind blowing snow off the plateau Mawson's midwinter celebrations are this week's focus with stories on the preparation and aftermath, the swim and spa, midwinter's day dinner and the Baby Seagulls band. We even had a 'Mawson Midwinter Olympics'!

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