This week at Mawson

9 November 2012 All on one page
Emperor penguin chick We celebrate the end of winter and the impending departure of Bron and Michael with a magnificent dinner while a chicken and champagne breakfast complement a viewing of the Melbourne Cup. As usual, we include gratuitous penguin photos to finish the week.

2 November 2012 All on one page
An expeditioner, his GoPro camera on a pole and a group of inquisitive non breeding adults At Auster, the emperor penguin chicks are growing fast as the intense business of producing the next generation is in its final stages. Along the Mawson coast, the Adelie penguins have returned and they are staking out their territory, posturing, constructing nests and mating.

26 October 2012 All on one page
A group of six expeditioners surrounding Mawson's Proclamation Plaque with ice creams in their hands This week, Mawson expeditioners follow in the footsteps of the station's namesake, Sir Douglas Mawson. There are also some photos from beneath the sea ice and of Chapman ridge and surrounds.

19 October 2012 All on one page
Three people dressed up with beers in their hands Oktoberfest, one penguin, one unicycle and a sunflower cake make for an interesting week, Mawson style.

12 October 2012 All on one page
Green curtains of light fill the sky whilst the red Sleeping and Medical Quarters and a wind turbine can be seen below Spring has arrived at Mawson with sightings of snow petrels, a skua and Weddell seal pups. We also have, back by popular demand, Pete's Report.

5 October 2012 All on one page
Expeditioner on top of Welch Island with Mt Henderson and Onley Hill in the background Mawson expeditioners take a trip to care for Adelie penguin nest cameras and ok, the view is alright too.

28 September 2012 All on one page
A healthy well fed chick resting against it's parent Mawson expeditioners visit Chapman Ridge and photograph life at Auster last week featuring the gorgeous new emperor penguin chicks.

21 September 2012 All on one page
A photo taken on 12th September 2012 of one woman and six men simulating Hurley's photo at the same location Adventures in the Colbeck Archipelago and surrounding areas, some history, and a photo re-enactment.

14 September 2012 All on one page
Hut and Hagglunds with green aurora lights in the sky above them Over the last six months, the expeditoners of Mawson have enjoyed many field excursions to the closest field huts. This week they present a collection of photos to give you a sense of life inside these warm and cosy hideaways.

7 September 2012 All on one page
A photo of an expeditioner at Auster with a reflection of the photographer and icebergs in the right side of his sunglasses and a reflection of people and Hagglunds in the left side At Mawson, the "Red Rocket" faces an operation and we have pics of the last week at the Auster penguin colony. Baby penguins included of course!

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