This week at Mawson

  • The weather balloon successfully launched

    10 August 2018

    Weather enforces indoor activities which is good for the Antarctic 48 hour Film Festival.

  • A blizz tail over where the road was.

    3 August 2018

    The weather keeps us all station bound and working... come back sun!

  • 2 penguins beak to beak

    27 July 2018

    We can't get enough of our Emperor Penguin neighbours!

  • Walking into the sunset.

    20 July 2018

    This week there has been a visit to Marcy hut, a bread making cookery class and a walk on the sea ice in near perfect conditions.

  • Ice crystals on the window with sun in background

    13 July 2018

    Auster Rookery found, jade berg visited and cold weather phenomena explored this week at Mawson.

  • A group of men in front of the Proclamation Point plaque

    6 July 2018

    Midwinter swim completed and a successful trip through to Colbeck Hut and Taylor Rookery

  • A group of people with their winning dart board

    29 June 2018

    It's all about Midwinter!

  • The view from Welch Island out to iceberg alley

    15 June 2018

    Penguin tasks and our last sunset

  • A sunset sky over West Bay and Casey Range

    8 June 2018

    Our sea ice is now thick enough that we're setting our sights on Macey Hut and the emperor penguin rookery.

  • 5 poeple on quad bikes in front of an iceberg

    1 June 2018

    It's not just all disco and jollies here at Mawson

  • A group of people on quads depart station

    25 May 2018

    Fire training and a disco makes for a busy week for the Mawson smoke machine...

  • 4 men stand on a rocky surface with the ice plateau behind

    18 May 2018

    The weather gods were kinder to the Mawson crew this week, allowing travel by Hägg and by foot.

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