This week at Mawson

  • Official group photo of 2008 Wintering Expeditioners at Mawson Station

    12 September 2008

    Mawsonites The official Mawson Winterers 2008 station photo has been released and will soon be printed and on its way to Mawson to take its position on the wall. We were all determined to ensure the 'pesky' iceberg which blocked …

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Expeditioner breaking all the appliances on Station

    5 September 2008

    This weeks illustration … after having a couple of power tools fail while using them, Nick has since been seen as the cause for all faulty electrical equipment at Mawson..' Nick should stay away from electrical appliances Photo: Nick C …

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Expeditioner

    29 August 2008

    This weeks illustration Ascent of Boj Man : With only three months before we leave station a number of Mawson expeditioners have decided to get trim and taunt for their return home. One of those expeditioners is 'Boj' who can …

  • Passengers from the cruise ship Kapitan Khlebnikov arriving at Mawson Station by helicopter

    4 January 2008

    Visitors Pop in for a Cuppa After a number of weeks pushing through thick sea-ice and struggling to land on the Antarctic continent due to poor weather conditions, on the 23rd December the Russian Ice Breaker, The Kapitan Khlebnikov , …

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