This week at Mawson

  • New dawn at Mawson

    16 July 2010

    New dawn, at last Photo: Ewan Curtis The kitchen refit from last week was completed this week. In total, five days were required to empty the sizeable room of everything not bolted down, scrub, re-grout, paint and restack the …

  • Colbeck jade berg

    9 July 2010

    A trip to Colbeck and Taylor Glacier.

  • Mid-winter Light

    2 July 2010

    Expeditioner weight remains consistent at 1.2 tonnes.

  • Mawson expeditioner practices self-arrest on a  snow slope

    18 December 2009

    Field training for expeditioners continues, Adelie penguin tagging, a lost emperor penguin juvenile visits the station and an early morning fire drill sends expeditioners into bracing conditions.

  • Blue skies towards Colbeck

    11 December 2009

    Spectacular photos of a trip to the emperor penguin colony at beautiful Colbeck, a birthday, equipment maintenance and continuing expeditioner training.

  • Expeditioners celebrate outside the red shed

    4 December 2009

    Cocktails to celebrate reaching the full complement of summering Mawsonites, trips to Auster Rookery and Bchervaise Island and first silly birthday party of summer season.

  • Tony and Gary carpet cleaning

    17 October 2008

    Tony and Gary carpet cleaning Photo: Robyn M It's only a matter of weeks before we'll see our first helicopters and a bunch of fresh new faces as our time here at Mawson soon comes to an end. As …

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Chef protecting the last of his fresh eggs

    31 October 2008

    This week's News from Robyn M It's that time of year in Antarctica, when we savour the last morsels of any remaining fresh produce. Our gallant onions and potatoes are hanging on, thanks to a crack team of slushies who …

  • Mawson Station cartoon

    26 September 2008

    This week’s illustration Why can't I go out into the field like my other farmyard friends? Why can't I go out into the field? Photo: Nick C At play Over the past number of weeks we've shown many many photos …

  • Peter and his famous fresh salads

    10 October 2008

    This week's illustration If Mawson's blue hagg could speak it would tells us some amazing stories about her life at Mawson – I'm sure the big blue girl would have a lot to say. But alas, she is getting old …

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