This week at Mawson

  • Mawson expeditioner practices self-arrest on a  snow slope

    18 December 2009

    Field training for expeditioners continues, Adelie penguin tagging, a lost emperor penguin juvenile visits the station and an early morning fire drill sends expeditioners into bracing conditions.

  • Blue skies towards Colbeck

    11 December 2009

    Spectacular photos of a trip to the emperor penguin colony at beautiful Colbeck, a birthday, equipment maintenance and continuing expeditioner training.

  • Expeditioners celebrate outside the red shed

    4 December 2009

    Cocktails to celebrate reaching the full complement of summering Mawsonites, trips to Auster Rookery and Bchervaise Island and first silly birthday party of summer season.

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Expeditioner with plans to ride quad bike to Davis Station

    14 November 2008

    Last week I reported it was our last 'Station News weekly update' for the season as we were expecting to see the new crew come in and for us to hand over the station… well, the Mawson 2008 Winterers are …

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Expeditioner waiting for the helicopters

    7 November 2008

    This will be the 2007/08 Mawson team's last edition as we're about to stand aside and make room for the new team to take our place. A big thanks to the Mawson team for contributing to Icy News each week …

  • Cartoon of Mawson Station Chef protecting the last of his fresh eggs

    31 October 2008

    This week's News from Robyn M It's that time of year in Antarctica, when we savour the last morsels of any remaining fresh produce. Our gallant onions and potatoes are hanging on, thanks to a crack team of slushies who …

  • Cartoon by Mawson Station Expeditioner

    21 November 2008

    This week's News brought to you by Jodi W, Supervising Communications Tech. Officer This Week's Illustration Mawson's Own Version of Krill Cam Photo: Nick C Well, here we are at Mawson, and any day now we will see the helicopters. …

  • S76 helicopter transferring Expeditioners from Davis to Mawson being refueled on Sansom island

    5 December 2008

    After four weeks of travel and three weeks waiting at Davis for a break in the weather, the Mawson 2008-09 crew on Voyage 1 finally started to make an appearance at Mawson. Two days of flying last week brought in …

  • Mawson Station from the plateau, showing the Horseshoe Harbour iceberg.

    19 December 2008

    The Horseshow Harbour Iceberg Mawson from the plateau, showing the Horseshoe Harbour iceberg. Photo: Peter S One of the reasons Mawson Station was built at this site (in 1954), is that it has a very nice sheltered harbour in a …

  • Image of Incoming Mawson Station Leader  and S76 helicopter

    12 December 2008

    We're here! Tuesday December 9th finally saw some good weather and the remaining Mawsonites still at Davis flew in and swapped places with the outgoing 2007-8 Mawson crew. Peter 'Noodles' H and S76 helicopter Photo: Peter H On the Penguin …

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