This week at Mawson

  • Mid-winter Light

    2 July 2010

    Expeditioner weight remains consistent at 1.2 tonnes.

  • Mawson expeditioner practices self-arrest on a  snow slope

    18 December 2009

    Field training for expeditioners continues, Adelie penguin tagging, a lost emperor penguin juvenile visits the station and an early morning fire drill sends expeditioners into bracing conditions.

  • Blue skies towards Colbeck

    11 December 2009

    Spectacular photos of a trip to the emperor penguin colony at beautiful Colbeck, a birthday, equipment maintenance and continuing expeditioner training.

  • Expeditioners celebrate outside the red shed

    4 December 2009

    Cocktails to celebrate reaching the full complement of summering Mawsonites, trips to Auster Rookery and Bchervaise Island and first silly birthday party of summer season.

  • Mawson Station Chef with special pavlova created for an Expeditioners birthday

    16 May 2008

    This weeks News from Mawson by Robyn M. Daylight hours at Mawson are on the sharp decline, with the sun making a feeble appearance after 11:15am, and sliding out of sight by 4:15pm. The extra hours of darkness are turning …

  • Expeditioners drilling a hole in sea ice near Mawson Station to test it's thickness

    9 May 2008

    Sea ice travel This week's news is brought to you buy the Doc… An important part of living and working at Mawson is the sea ice travel. It was remarkable to observe the rapid re-freezing of the sea ice, so …

  • Red van on ice

    2 May 2008

    Two weeks have past since the last Icy News and a lot has happened here at Australia's premier Antarctic station… plenty of work, ANZAC day Ceremony and celebrations, Greek Easter, fuel spill training, and more photos taken of the fabulous …

  • Expeditioners following blizz (blizzard) lines

    18 April 2008

    Happy 96th Birthday Dr Phillip Law – Monday 21st April, 2008 During the week the Mawson team sent Dr Phillip Law a birthday message (photo and letter) wishing him all the best for his 96th birthday. Dr Phillip Law participated …

  • Hagglunds ready to leave Mawson Station for Auster Rookery

    23 May 2008

    Emperor Penguin Project Gary and Robyn commenced work at Auster Rookery this week and have enlisted the assistance of Mawson expeditioners. The primary goal of this project is to determine the status and origin of diseases in emperor penguins. They …

  • Last sunrise at Mawson Station before Mid-Winter at 1:45pm on June 13.

    20 June 2008

    This week's news brought to you by Robyn M. On Friday June 13, the sun made a final brief appearance above the Mawson horizon for all of six minutes, before retreating for the next fifteen days. Last sunrise at 1:45pm …

  • Mawson Station Expeditioners during video link with AAD Headquarters Kingston

    27 June 2008

    Mid Winters Day – Saturday 21st June, 2008 Wishing Kingston a happy Midwinters Photo: Gary M This weeks news will focus on the biggest day in the Antarctica calendar year – Midwinter's Day. As you know, over the past few …

  • Invitation to 'Disease Party' Friday night drinks in Mawson Medical rooms

    11 April 2008

    Friday Night Drinks in the Medical Rooms Last Friday it was Peter's (The Doc) turn to host Friday night drink in the medical rooms. Peter decided to turn the evening into a theme night … "Come as Your Favourite Disease'. …

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