This week at Mawson

  • Mawson expeditioners prepare for Australia Day swim

    29 January 2010

    Australia Day swim and model boat race, and guide dog Stay helps out around the station.

  • Mawson expeditioners pulling sleds

    22 January 2010

    A trip to beautiful Mt Henderson, search and rescue training, station maintenance, visitors from Davis and chocolate rationing.

  • From the top of the main antenna mast at Mawson

    15 January 2010

    Preparations for arrival of Aurora Australis, views from the top, first aid training, HO staff visit and 'Stay' comes to stay.

  • Mawson expeditioners at celebrations

    8 January 2010

    Christmas and New Year come-as-an-animal celebrations, igloo-making and crevasse roping, and rescue training, Boxing Day cricket, vehicle rescue and station maintenance.

  • New dawn at Mawson

    16 July 2010

    New dawn, at last Photo: Ewan Curtis The kitchen refit from last week was completed this week. In total, five days were required to empty the sizeable room of everything not bolted down, scrub, re-grout, paint and restack the …

  • Colbeck jade berg

    9 July 2010

    A trip to Colbeck and Taylor Glacier.

  • Mid-winter Light

    2 July 2010

    Expeditioner weight remains consistent at 1.2 tonnes.

  • Mawson expeditioner practices self-arrest on a  snow slope

    18 December 2009

    Field training for expeditioners continues, Adelie penguin tagging, a lost emperor penguin juvenile visits the station and an early morning fire drill sends expeditioners into bracing conditions.

  • Blue skies towards Colbeck

    11 December 2009

    Spectacular photos of a trip to the emperor penguin colony at beautiful Colbeck, a birthday, equipment maintenance and continuing expeditioner training.

  • Expeditioners celebrate outside the red shed

    4 December 2009

    Cocktails to celebrate reaching the full complement of summering Mawsonites, trips to Auster Rookery and Bchervaise Island and first silly birthday party of summer season.

  • Aerial view of Mawson Station, the Aurora Australis and the iceberg blocking the entrance to  Horseshoe Harbour

    14 March 2008

    Mawson Re-supply Operations Who placed that berg there – it's not funny anymore Photo: Narelle C The Aurora Australis at Mawson Photo: Zane H Aurora Australis Photo: Gary M A lot has happened over the past week………our visitors of nine …

  • Mawson Station incinerator

    25 July 2008

    A quiz night, retrieval of a tide gauge from Horseshoe Harbour, a day trip to Auster Rookery and Mount Henderson, the annual kitchen shut down and spring clean, general works and maintenance programs, and again various stock takes dominated our …

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