This week at Mawson

  • Mawson expeditioners cleaning potatoes

    6 August 2010

    A medieval-themed night was chosen for this week's entertainment and included nibbles, tournament jousting and a catapult building contest. Unsurprisingly, team dieso took this one out.

  • Plastic guidedog, Stay, looking out of dirty window.

    30 July 2010

    A visit to the emperor penguins at Auster Rookery, where many chicks were heard but not seen. One proud parent did show us their offspring in all its scruffy, vulnerable glory.

  • Auster Emperor penguin rookery

    23 July 2010

    A Hägglunds run to Macey Island with bonus trips to the Auster emperor penguin colony and local icebergs.

  • Darren at a debris filled glacier during field training

    27 November 2009

    Station handover and introduction to Mawson station life.

  • Birthday party at Mawson

    20 November 2009

    Birthday party, David Range trek, historic artifact found near Rumdoodle, darts competition, and CASAs and new expeditioners arrive.

  • Mawson Station Leader cleaning carpet

    13 November 2009

    The weather: The lowest temperature this week was -16.4°, but it got as high as the very balmy -0.2°. It's been fairly windy most days, particularly in the mornings, with the peak at 83 km/h. We are now experiencing 19 …

  • Mawson station Expeditioner using JCB to move fuel drums

    6 November 2009

    Weather this week at Mawson has been a regular baker's dozen with eleven weather patterns; blizzards, brilliant sunshine, no wind and all 3 other patterns in between. Temperatures ranged from -22.8C to a post-winter high of -4.1C. The first signs …

  • Noodles and Doug stacking 16mm films

    30 October 2009

    Wild vs mild weather, old 16 mm films RTA, year book completion, Dave's birthday, sculpting an icy amphitheatre for an evening of cinema and mulled wine, Adelies return, innovative dart making and pathetically small capsicums.

  • Mawson expeditioners manhauling gear

    23 October 2009

    Manhauling exercise, Adelies arrive at Bchervaise Island, canes marking safe routes maintained, ice cave renovated, a Thai/tie dinner, art, headless penguins and wildlife photos.

  • The living quarters on Bechérvaise Island

    16 October 2009

    Sunlight at 15 hours a day, Antarctic, snow petrels and Adelie penguins return, penguin weigh-bridge repaired, Bathurst celebrations, soon-to-be-famous recipes and a controversy about Rumdoodle (the peak vs the book).

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