This week at Mawson

  • Weddell seal

    6 February 2009

    Weddell seal Photo: Andrew Winchester Weather: A few days of sunny blue skies and 4 degrees, then a blizzard starting Tuesday night. One of the many differences working in Antarctica is the different types of transport options that are …

  • Part of 2008 Christmas dinner prepared for Mawson Station Expeditioners

    9 January 2009

    After the holiday season of Christmas and New Year slowing down the virtual presses on the world-wide intertubes, This (Last Couple of) Week(s) At Mawson is now back online with a super-sized combination Christmas-New Year Edition. Christmas Day Jasmine prepared …

  • Mawson expeditioners prepare for cleaning job

    16 January 2009

    Weather: A few days of sunshine and no wind, then four days of 70-knot blizzard.

  • Mawson Station Expeditioners during fire training

    23 January 2009

    Weather: Mostly sunny with some wind, and after our summer highs of 4 degrees, we are back below zero.Fire-fighting Training With plenty of requests for more photos of everyone living out their childhood dreams with the fire hose, here are …

  • Mawson Station Chef with pies created for Australia Day

    30 January 2009

    Weather: A varied week, generally overcast with gentle winds, a few days of sunshine. Australia Day Australia Day was celebrated here at Mawson with the traditional cricket match and a roast pig on a spit. In keeping with official …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners cutting hole in the sea ice for Midwinters Day swim

    25 June 2010

    Mid-winter's day in Antarctica is a Big Deal. It's the shortest, darkest day of the year, and it marks the steady march towards proper daylight once more. To that end, mid-winter's day justifies a huge celebration for all who winter …

  • Mawson station Expeditioner during model plane (hangar rat) final

    18 June 2010

    As promised, though slightly delayed by weather and other tasks, the Hanger Rat finale occurred during the week. After a BBQ in the workshop, the Mawson troupe formed in the Green Store with craft at the ready. Chippy Jim had …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice

    11 June 2010

    Following on from last week's short run toward Colbeck, the Yellow and Green 'Haggis' once again rumbled down the coast, attempting to find a more southerly safe route. This time their destination was Low Tongue, a small rocky outcrop about …

  • Moon rising over Mawson station

    4 June 2010

    Moonrise over Mawson Photo: Mike Craven After last week's trip to Auster, this week was meant to see a group of tradies head out to Colbeck Hut, near the Taylor Glacier Emperor Penguin colony, to perform maintenance. Mick, Dan, …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice thickness

    28 May 2010

    This week saw Mawsonites at Auster Rookery for the first time this year. Auster, located about 50 kilometres to the East of the station, is one location in Antarctica that Emperor Penguins come to breed over the long, dark winter …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice thickness

    21 May 2010

    Not standing on thin ice Photo: Mick Goodwin Finally, after months of travel restricted to the three inland field huts at Mawson, the sea ice is now thick enough to travel upon. This week saw the first tentative steps …

  • Expeditioners watching rugby on TV

    14 May 2010

    Preparations for the Mid-Winter celebrations are continuing with ever increasing fervour. Work continues on cane lines and new video gear.

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