This week at Mawson

  • ScottÂ’s powerslide

    17 September 2010

    The Fold Island census team snowed in after a successful trip, station blizzard creates conditions for play and 'international' golf day.

  • Expeditioner playing 8-ball

    10 September 2010

    The annual Mawson pool competition concluded this week. Preparations for the Fold Island penguin census reached their crescendo. Photos of penguin chicks; and a fire-breathing dragon.

  • On route to Auster

    3 September 2010

    This week, Ewan, Ian, PJ and Maria headed out on a day trip to Auster Colony to ensure the emperor chicks were still growing.

  • A calm evening near Mawson

    27 August 2010

    This week has been one of weather extremes with days either spent indoors avoiding a blizzard or skiing and snowboarding aroung the station on a perfect, calm and sunny afternoon.

  • Mawson expeditioners at volleyball

    20 August 2010

    Volleyball, a new radar unit, Inflatable rubber boat maintenance and an introduction to 'Wombat', a workplace for visiting scientists.

  • Bumper repair 101 with Jim

    13 August 2010

    Continuing the weekly trips to Auster emperor penguin colony, Maria, Dan, Rob and Mick took their turn this week, spending three frosty nights out with birds and bergs. Their trip fortunately coincided with an extra burst of auroral activity, thanks to a recent coronal mass ejection from Sol (ie the sun let rip with an extra dose or radiation in our general direction).

  • Mawson expeditioners cleaning potatoes

    6 August 2010

    A medieval-themed night was chosen for this week's entertainment and included nibbles, tournament jousting and a catapult building contest. Unsurprisingly, team dieso took this one out.

  • Plastic guidedog, Stay, looking out of dirty window.

    30 July 2010

    A visit to the emperor penguins at Auster Rookery, where many chicks were heard but not seen. One proud parent did show us their offspring in all its scruffy, vulnerable glory.

  • Auster Emperor penguin rookery

    23 July 2010

    A Hägglunds run to Macey Island with bonus trips to the Auster emperor penguin colony and local icebergs.

  • Darren at a debris filled glacier during field training

    27 November 2009

    Station handover and introduction to Mawson station life.

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