This week at Mawson

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice

    11 June 2010

    Following on from last week's short run toward Colbeck, the Yellow and Green 'Haggis' once again rumbled down the coast, attempting to find a more southerly safe route. This time their destination was Low Tongue, a small rocky outcrop about …

  • Moon rising over Mawson station

    4 June 2010

    Moonrise over Mawson Photo: Mike Craven After last week's trip to Auster, this week was meant to see a group of tradies head out to Colbeck Hut, near the Taylor Glacier Emperor Penguin colony, to perform maintenance. Mick, Dan, …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice thickness

    28 May 2010

    This week saw Mawsonites at Auster Rookery for the first time this year. Auster, located about 50 kilometres to the East of the station, is one location in Antarctica that Emperor Penguins come to breed over the long, dark winter …

  • Mawson station Expeditioners checking sea ice thickness

    21 May 2010

    Not standing on thin ice Photo: Mick Goodwin Finally, after months of travel restricted to the three inland field huts at Mawson, the sea ice is now thick enough to travel upon. This week saw the first tentative steps …

  • Expeditioners watching rugby on TV

    14 May 2010

    Preparations for the Mid-Winter celebrations are continuing with ever increasing fervour. Work continues on cane lines and new video gear.

  • Expeditioner in beach gear

    7 May 2010

    The Mawsonians this week held a beach-themed party. There was also a trip to Mt Henderson, and some interesting weather phenomena.

  • Australian flag at half mast

    30 April 2010

    To refresh our necessary search and rescue, roping, abseiling and "black ops" descent skills, an afternoon in the Green Store was organised.

  • Mawson expeditioner tests thickness of sea ice

    23 April 2010

    To ensure safe quad bike travel, weekly measurements of the thickening sea ice are made. This week, Jim, Ruth and Mick drew the short straw and trudged out over the ocean, ice drill and measuring tape in hand, heart in mouth.

  • View from the top of Mt Horden

    16 April 2010

    Team Mawson recently tested the newly formed sea ice. Tests deemed essential in determining its robustness included ice skating, cross country skiing, golf and soccer.

  • Ewan and Annette chilling out

    9 April 2010

    Easter at Mawson was spent by many relaxing and taking the opportunity to get out into the field.

  • Mawson expeditioners in wind and blowing snow

    26 March 2010

    This week Mawson expeditioners headed to Mt Henderson to install a new radio antenna and support mechanism on the repeater after the last one snapped in high winds. Radio coverage to Macey Island field hut and Auster Rookery should now be greatly improved.

  • Mawson expeditioners preparing medical room

    19 March 2010

    Medical team Mawson sprang into action this week with Doc Jim running a two-day refresher scenario for the volunteer medical staff. It's worth remembering that the day jobs for all except Doc Jim are more along the lines of fixing broken pipes and electrical cables than broken humans.

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