This week at Mawson

  • Mawson expeditioner collects a sample

    12 November

    The skies are now filled with snow petrels and skuas for the first time since they departed the area at the end of last summer.

  • Expeditioner wearing a cardboard box model Mercedes

    5 November 2010

    The race that stops a nation, also stopped the station in more than the usual way. This year, Melbourne Cup came to Antarctica, albeit briefly, as we Mawsonians appeared as part of an interview with Channel 7 on the day. Under the glare of several kilowatts of bright lighting, duk chatted with Bruce McAvaney about the activities for the day while the rest of us milled (and trotted) in the background.

  • Long slog up the side of Hordern

    29 October 2010

    The weather at Mawson this week has been as perfect as one could hope for, and so we’ve had field parties out most of the week. Annette, Doc Jim and Geoff got the ball rolling with a trip to Mt Hordern, south of the David Range. One of the highest peaks in the area, Hordern is a reasonably lengthy climb over loose rock before a more technical section at the top. The trio spent the night at Fang hut before tackling the climb the next morning, and returned to station with glowing reports of the trip.

  • The “wailing-a” wall

    20 October 2010

    Seals are popping out in profusion along the shorelines as we eagerly await the arrival of more cute pups to attract our attention and steal our hearts. Doc Jim and Annette reported an abundance of them closer to Auster, where the chicks have endured the winter and formed their crèches in the iceberg amphitheatre that will be home to them for a couple more months yet.

  • Hagglunds vehicles rumbling along

    15 October 2010

    This week, the second trip to Ledingham's Depot was completed. The first trip left to perform the penguin census at nearby Fold Island, while this trip was to perform hut maintenance and replace the aging fuel drums at the site.

  • Bogging a Hagglunds

    8 October 2010

    Fold team 1 (Mick, Annette, Ian, Geoff, Doc-Jim and Dan) regaled Fold team 2 (Pete, Maria, Scott, Rob and Ewan) with tall tales; some true of their legendary trip (reported last week), somehow failing to frighten them off an attempt.

  • En route

    1 October 2010

    This week at Mawson we have a look at the epic field trip recently completed by a dedicated group of volunteers to survey by photograph the Fold Island emperor penguin colony.

  • DanÂ’s post field trip holiday

    24 September 2010

    Expeditioners travelled to Bechervaise Island to have a look at some malfunctioning penguin monitoring equipment. Following some straight forward troubleshooting instructions, the guys think they found the problem, but discovered the difficulties of low temperature soldering. Soon the island will be teeming with Adélie penguins as their breeding season draws ever closer.

  • ScottÂ’s powerslide

    17 September 2010

    The Fold Island census team snowed in after a successful trip, station blizzard creates conditions for play and 'international' golf day.

  • Expeditioner playing 8-ball

    10 September 2010

    The annual Mawson pool competition concluded this week. Preparations for the Fold Island penguin census reached their crescendo. Photos of penguin chicks; and a fire-breathing dragon.

  • On route to Auster

    3 September 2010

    This week, Ewan, Ian, PJ and Maria headed out on a day trip to Auster Colony to ensure the emperor chicks were still growing.

  • A calm evening near Mawson

    27 August 2010

    This week has been one of weather extremes with days either spent indoors avoiding a blizzard or skiing and snowboarding aroung the station on a perfect, calm and sunny afternoon.

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