This week at Mawson

  • Air and ground crew discussing the skiway

    3 February 2012 Single page view

    Field trips a-plenty for recreation, a flight brings an overnight visitor via the Rumdoodle skiway, and the weekly Beche penguin and skua update.

  • Expeditioner silhouetted against the late evening sky

    27 January 2012 Single page view

    Aviation fun, an amazing birthday cake, aquatic finds and the Adélie update – another busy week at Mawson.

  • Adelie leaning over edge of ice floe and reflected in the water

    20 January 2012 Single page view

    The weekly update from Beche, a new beer garden, ARPANSA footings: MK-II, and the sea ice continues to recede.

  • Almost a sunset - the Sun shines from behind Fang peak and lights up the sky orange

    13 January 2012 Single page view

    Another exhilarating field trip, a cruel blizzard at Beche, the birthday of the week, water in the harbour and a delicious smoko treat.

  • Adelie penguin with two larger chicks

    6 January 2012 Single page view

    Fire alarms, fire drills, a flurry of field trips, fluffy penguin chicks, a fuzzy gift bearer, and some throwbacks to the sixties see the new year in. Happy New Year from Mawson.

  • Merry Christmas from Mawson

    23 December 2011 Single page view

    Mawson's magnificent Merry Christmas mega-issue. An extra busy week at Mawson brings plenty of reading for the Christmas break, topped off with a Christmas greeting from all at Mawson.

  • Emperor penguin pair with chick

    16 December 2011 Single page view

    Priority? Penguins! Getting a last look before the sea ice closes.

  • Sunset sky over islands among the sea ice

    9 December 2011 Single page view

    A new arrival's first impressions, mending pipes, & quad bogging sessions. Our work goes on with barely a pause, but we're now ready for Santa Claus.

  • The jumble of sea ice and cliff face debris

    2 December 2011 Single page view

    The summerers settle in, Beche is restocked for the summer, and things that go bump in the night

  • Expeditioners with snow cave built during survival training

    25 November 2011 Single page view

    New expeditioners, warmer weather and year book preparations: Mawson is definitely now 'a summer place'

  • Expeditioners in fire turnout gear for aircraft arrival

    18 November 2011 Single page view

    Recreation, aviation and sanitation - read this week's edition for edification.

  • Expeditioners lined up on quads

    11 November 2011 Single page view

    Counting penguins, filming penguins, birthdays, and having a good time - this was the week at Mawson as we prepare to bid farewell to some of our 'family'.

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