This week at Mawson

  • Man standing on the roof of the hut

    18 February 2011 Single page view

    The summer season draws to a close and sunsets return to Mawson. We await the arrival of the new crew.

  • Rumbling along in the Pioneer

    11 February 2011 Single page view

    Ice as far as the eye can see. Preparations and last minute jobs while awaiting the arrival of the Aurora Australis.

  • A Mawson Classic yacht entry

    4 February 2011 Single page view

    SAR Training, repairs to the Mt Henderson hut, a 40th birthday, the Mawson Classic, and a new camera in Aeronomy were just some of the activities down at Mawson this week.

  • Expeditioners having a BBQ

    28 January 2011 Single page view

    A non official blizzard, maintenance on and off station, interesting contraptions taking shape in the workshop.

  • Smiling expeditioner looking out of skylight

    21 January 2011 Single page view

    A fire exercise, sightseeing away from the station and summer season winding down at Mawson.

  • Vertical rescue training

    14 January 2011 Single page view

    Comings and goings, a movie premiere, Search and Rescue training and an unconventional inspection technique trialled at Mawson this week!

  • Expeditioner sitting on Santa's knee

    7 January 2011 Single page view

    A balmy Christmas Day, a trip to Lake Henderson and surrounds, and some wildlife watching at Mawson this week.

  • Scott and Mike P with the afternoon catch

    24 December 2010 Single page view

    The station was buzzing with activity this week, with penguin tagging, a new snow petrel survey, some fishing, and much more!

  • Weddell seal, taking a nap at the end of the West Bay skiway

    17 December 2010 Single page view

    A busy week has been had at Mawson with another CASA flight coming through, the annual powerhouse shutdown, keeping track of the Adélie and snowy colonies, building the Law's final resting place, and the establishment of the summer search and rescue team.

  • Melting Snowman

    13 December 2010 Single page view

    Preparing gravesite for Dr and Mrs Law, CASA and Basler aircraft visit, fire and field training, Ewan's birthday and Adélie surveys, and snow and ice.

  • Disney berg

    3 December 2010 Single page view

    Fresh expeditioners and fresh food, trip to Colbeck hut and Taylor Glacier, Disney berg, German/Canadian visitors and a second happy birthday for Ian.

  • A couple of proud parents-to-be

    26 November 2010 Single page view

    New faces and gear; monitoring Adélie colonies; people around station and volleyball season.

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