This week at Mawson

  • Looking east over East Bay with the wind blowing snow off the plateau

    29 June 2012 Single page view

    Mawson's midwinter celebrations are this week's focus with stories on the preparation and aftermath, the swim and spa, midwinter's day dinner and the Baby Seagulls band. We even had a 'Mawson Midwinter Olympics'!

  • An expeditioner opening the sampler door to inspect the filter

    22 June 2012 Single page view

    Mawson's ARPANSA Radionuclide Station nearing completion, anemometer cups go flying and what happened to the hydrogen demo project?

  • Expeditioner with the generator in the background

    15 June 2012 Single page view

    We do some major service on one engine in the main power house and celebrate Eurovision 2012 in style with a 'Bad Taste Bling Nite' at Mawson station.

  • Bechervaise Island is in the foreground, with the mountains of the David Range and Mt Hordern in the blue icy plateau with a pink sky behind

    8 June 2012 Single page view

    Bear Grylls's adventure to Bechervaise Island, a partial eclipse of the moon, retro night and a story on some happenings from this week at Mawson station.

  • An expeditioner has lowered his gauge down the drilled hole and is about to read the ice thickness on the scale

    1 June 2012 Single page view

    Pete's May Report includes a detailed explanation of waste treatment at Mawson and Michael Peterson invents a new way to measure sea-ice thickness.

  • Aurora with wind turbine and buildings in foreground

    25 May 2012 Single page view

    Mawson showcases spectacular auroras (including time lapse video), hut maintenance, extreme ice skating and the old exploding water trick.

  • A close up of a stainless steel auger about a metre long vertically drilling into sea ice with a spray of sea water coming up out of the hole

    18 May 2012 Single page view

    Did you know that Mawson has two mascots? Some consider them to be the perfect pets. We also explain the importance of drilling nearby ocean ice.

  • Beautiful colours of sunset reflecting off sea ice, plateau ice and hagglund at the same time

    11 May 2012 Single page view

    Hydroponics, blizz lines and a jolly to Hendo.

  • Sunset at Mawson, with deep red colours reflected on the clouds

    4 May 2012 Single page view

    The Pete Report - Issue #2 in which Pete explains 'blizz' and gives us an overview of his second month at Mawson.

  • Lone skater on Horseshoe Harbour at sunset

    27 April 2012 Single page view

    Mawson highways and ANZAC Day celebrations.

  • The ice crystals form patterns of of spots and swirls.

    20 April 2012 Single page view

    First jolly of the season and the Mawson green diamond.

  • Sunrise over East Bay

    13 April 2012 Single page view

    Last of the field training and the Easter Bunny

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