This week at Mawson

  • Aurora at Mawson that ends in a spiral shape just above the station

    8 March 2013 Single page view

    In this week that was, the Doc watches, wanders, and wonders, the tradies get a late night call-out bonus and there is a special commemorative visit to a local island.

  • Orca up close with its head out of the water

    1 March 2013 Single page view

    Orcas off West Arm, field training and the joy of being a first-time Slushy – just some of the highlights of a week at Mawson.

  • Geoff Brealey lies on snow with many emperor pnguins in the background

    22 February 2013 Single page view

    Cliff tells us about his incredible journey to Mawson by way of just about everywhere! We also have a brief update from Geoff, John and Cookie who review the operating areas in readiness for field training and the team settle in for the winter.

  • Adelie penguin watches boat loading

    15 February 2013 Single page view

    A busy week with resupply completed. The Aurora headed back to Hobart and the 2013 winter team were left to settle in.

  • A golden yellow sky with the dark image of land and a penguin

    8 February 2013 Single page view

    For the first time since April 2012 Horseshoe Harbour is free of sea ice and is now ready to accept the Aurora Australis. We are currently in Day two of our annual resupply with handovers and projects well underway. The biologists have left Bechervaise Island after their 40-day stint and Mawson gains recognition for an internationally acclaimed dish.

  • Penguins diving from ice floes into the water

    1 February 2013 Single page view

    Australia Day was celebrated with a lamb on the spit and movie clips on the big screen in the trades workshop. In other news Scottish's birthday, preparation for resupply, Minke whales and penguin streakers.

  • Through the reduced visibility of the blizzard the image of the Googie accommodation is just visible

    25 January 2013 Single page view

    The end of summer dinner celebrated in a heritage listed building, Friday drinks in Aeronomy including green monster, the weekly report from Bechervaise Island and the value of observing nature.

  • Biologist with outstretched leg at night with the sun setting and appearing as if it is on top of her foot like she is playing with a hacky sack

    18 January 2013 Single page view

    This week from Mawson station we feature Mawson's Heritage Listed Building and the weekly report from Bechervaise Island.

  • Green moss with many twisting folds

    11 January 2013 Single page view

    This week we report on the work being undertaken on Bechervaise Island as well as describe and illustrate the geology and vegetation of Mawson Rock and the marine environment in Horseshoe Harbour.

  • Twenty one people standing and sitting on the snow down wind of the red living quarters

    4 January 2013 Single page view

    Carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve, a lovely dinner in the Mawson lounge with views overlooking East Bay followed by Santa distributing Kris Kringle presents on Christmas finished off by a flying visit from the Director on Boxing Day.

  • Two biologists counting breeding Adelie penguins on an island

    21 December 2012 Single page view

    Penguin biologists collect samples at the Auster emperor penguin colony and undertake a census of Adélie penguin nests on the Robinson Islands.

  • The soft snow showing depressions most of which are caused by the chick faeces melting the snow

    14 December 2012 Single page view

    Tide cracks, gaffer tape, penguins, a continuation of the summer flying programme and this week's photos from Auster.

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