This week at Mawson

  • The Weddell seal up on the rocks continues to sleep, safely away from the threat in the water

    10 February 2012 Single page view

    No ice means water brings whales around station, some plant poetry, the weekly update from Beche, and a reprise of the 2011 year at Mawson.

  • Air and ground crew discussing the skiway

    3 February 2012 Single page view

    Field trips a-plenty for recreation, a flight brings an overnight visitor via the Rumdoodle skiway, and the weekly Beche penguin and skua update.

  • Expeditioner silhouetted against the late evening sky

    27 January 2012 Single page view

    Aviation fun, an amazing birthday cake, aquatic finds and the Adelie update - another busy week at Mawson.

  • Adelie leaning over edge of ice floe and reflected in the water

    20 January 2012 Single page view

    The weekly update from Beche, a new beer garden, ARPANSA footings: MK-II, and the sea ice continues to recede.

  • Almost a sunset - the Sun shines from behind Fang peak and lights up the sky orange

    13 January 2012 Single page view

    Another exhilarating field trip, a cruel blizzard at Beche, the birthday of the week, water in the harbour and a delicious smoko treat.

  • Adelie penguin with two larger chicks

    6 January 2012 Single page view

    Fire alarms, fire drills, a flurry of field trips, fluffy penguin chicks, a fuzzy gift bearer, and some throwbacks to the sixties see the new year in. Happy New Year from Mawson.

  • Merry Christmas from Mawson

    23 December 2011 Single page view

    Mawson's magnificent Merry Christmas mega-issue. An extra busy week at Mawson brings plenty of reading for the Christmas break, topped off with a Christmas greeting from all at Mawson.

  • Emperor penguin pair with chick

    16 December 2011 Single page view

    Priority? Penguins! Getting a last look before the sea ice closes.

  • Sunset sky over islands among the sea ice

    9 December 2011 Single page view

    A new arrival's first impressions, mending pipes, & quad bogging sessions. Our work goes on with barely a pause, but we're now ready for Santa Claus.

  • The jumble of sea ice and cliff face debris

    2 December 2011 Single page view

    The summerers settle in, Beche is restocked for the summer, and things that go bump in the night

  • Expeditioners with snow cave built during survival training

    25 November 2011 Single page view

    New expeditioners, warmer weather and year book preparations: Mawson is definitely now 'a summer place'

  • Expeditioners in fire turnout gear for aircraft arrival

    18 November 2011 Single page view

    Recreation, aviation and sanitation - read this week's edition for edification.

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