This week at Mawson

  • Emperor penguin close up of the head looking right

    31 May 2013 Single page view

    A visit to our medical facility, the goss on our 'emperical' visitors and what onions and Antarctica have to do with each other.

  • Photography at Auster - an expeditioner kneels on the ice with his back facing the camera, taking photos of emperor penguins which can be seen in the background

    24 May 2013 Single page view

    First impressions as the emperors march, a look at history, exploring the Central Massons Region and J's nine round out another awesome week at Mawson.

  • Coloured bottles in window

    17 May 2013 Single page view

    Shorter days, something brewing, the wandering Doc and J's nine fill the Mawson news pages this week.

  • The first telegram from Antarctica

    10 May 2013 Single page view

    This week we bring you some interesting facts about Weddell seals, a radio signal bounces off the moon and J's nine questions with one of the comms team.

  • ANZAC Day poster

    3 May 2013 Single page view

    An ANZAC Day ceremony, more snow and the monthly weather. See what our John of all trades has been up to and J's nine fill this week's pages.

  • On sea ice off Mawson - lone expeditioner and a sled on al arge expanse of ice

    26 April 2013 Single page view

    Climbing in the Framnes Mountains, out on the sea ice, a quiz night with a difference and nine questions with Cliff.

  • Lower fuel farm blizz tail

    19 April 2013 Single page view

    A friendly game of darts, an intro into Hydroponics, the tails left by blizzards and a friendly chat over a glass of red give you an insight to the week at Mawson

  • Snow build up near living quarters

    12 April 2013 Single page view

    Insight into early arrivals, additional duties and the doc takes a wander around station to catch the day's happenings.

  • Iceberg on a clear, sunny day surrounded by sparkling water

    5 April 2013 Single page view

    The journey or the destination? That is the question. We take our last boating trip for the season and get a turbine tour with Trent.

  • Darron and Chris in uniform directing the high pressure hose  at fire exercise

    29 March 2013 Single page view

    Awesome birthday cakes, fire and emergency rescue training and expeditioners 'needled' into supporting our surgical team training were the highlights this week at Mawson.

  • Dead snow petrel frozen in ice with wings sticking out

    22 March 2013 Single page view

    Find why it's a dream to be a photographer in Antarctica, learn about the Framnes mountains and take in a foreign film at TNFMN, Mawson's own foreign film evening!

  • Keldyn F on plateau, gazing to the right with snow and ice all around him

    15 March 2013 Single page view

    A full week with new equipment installed in the kitchen, some boating, a visit to the western side of the David Range and an eventful long weekend for one young expeditioner.

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