This week at Mawson

  • Macey - 'Apple' hut in the foreground & main hut in the background | Mawson.

    30 August 2019

    An update on all things for Mawson for the month of August.

  • North Masson Range Hiking - by Building Services Supervisor Glenn.

    23 August 2019

    The Mawson team present their favourite photos from the first half of their season.

  • The Mawson hydroponics setup 2019.

    16 August 2019

    Mawson Dieso & Hydroponics Officer Marc gives us some insight into the challenges of growing fresh vegetables at an Antarctic station.

  • Emperor penguins at Auster rookery - Mawson Station.

    9 August 2019

    The Mawson winterers make their first visit to the Auster Emperor penguin rookery.

  • Geoffrey Wallace Davis Station circa 1986.

    2 August 2019

    Meet the man who keeps the lights on at Mawson

  • The ubiquitous Antarctic dog Stay enjoyed a deep field traverse to Taylor Glacier - June 2019.

    26 July 2019

    A recap of July at Mawson Station.

  • Mawson 72nd ANARE Plumber James 'Terry' Terrett enjoying field travel.

    19 July 2019

    Introducing the Hugh Jackman of Antarctica (aka James 'Terry' Terrett)

  • Mawson Chef Kim wearing his pancake ice inspired Hadley Hat.

    12 July 2019

    Hadley hats keep our heads warm.

  • Mawson Plumber Tom Carew.

    5 July 2019

    Plumber Tom Carew shares his story

  • Mawson Electrician Warren Arnold receives his custom-made Antarctic Sledging Cap gift.

    28 June 2019

    Mawson Midwinter highlights

  • Mawson Diesel Mechanic Marc - Post swimming hole preparation with chainsaw.

    21 June 2019

    Getting our Midwinter on (or off)

  • Snow blocking the entry to the Balloon Shed | Mawson Station.

    14 June 2019

    The BoM dig in, and Saturday date night (yep, you heard right)

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