This week at Mawson

  • Expeditioner on top of Welch Island with Mt Henderson and Onley Hill in the background

    5 October 2012 Single page view

    Mawson expeditioners take a trip to care for Adelie penguin nest cameras and ok, the view is alright too.

  • A healthy well fed chick resting against it's parent

    28 September 2012 Single page view

    Mawson expeditioners visit Chapman Ridge and photograph life at Auster last week featuring the gorgeous new emperor penguin chicks.

  • A photo taken on 12th September 2012 of one woman and six men simulating Hurley's photo at the same location

    21 September 2012 Single page view

    Adventures in the Colbeck Archipelago and surrounding areas, some history, and a photo re-enactment.

  • Hut and Hagglunds with green aurora lights in the sky above them

    14 September 2012 Single page view

    Over the last six months, the expeditoners of Mawson have enjoyed many field excursions to the closest field huts. This week they present a collection of photos to give you a sense of life inside these warm and cosy hideaways.

  • A photo of an expeditioner at Auster with a reflection of the photographer and icebergs in the right side of his sunglasses and a reflection of people and Hagglunds in the left side

    7 September 2012 Single page view

    At Mawson, the "Red Rocket" faces an operation and we have pics of the last week at the Auster penguin colony. Baby penguins included of course!

  • Adult and large chick still on the parent's feet

    31 August 2012 Single page view

    Birthdays celebrated in sugary style and an update on what is happening at the Auster emperor penguin colony

  • One of the Mawson wind turbines in light drifting snow

    24 August 2012 Single page view

    Mid-point dinner with wine tasting and Mawson's wind turbines get a greasy check-up.

  • A collage of a balloon release

    17 August 2012 Single page view

    At Mawson, the Meteorological Team explains weather balloons and laments the last sunrise visible from station, snow angels appear and there is diamond dust in the air.

  • The Macey red Apple Shelter at night with the moon and green curtains of an aurora

    10 August 2012 Single page view

    Pete's July report explaining jollies and the changeover at Auster with the chicks hatching. Don't miss these adorable photos!

  • The rising sun just above the horizon with the sky lit up

    3 August 2012 Single page view

    A truly fascinating story about magnetic observations and Pete captures beautiful natural phenomena at Mawson station.

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