This week at Mawson

  • The winter team at the Mawson Sign

    27 February 2015 Single page view

    Mawson station's winter team settles in for the long haul, medical training is conducted on rock melons and no casualties recorded as expeditioners have a go at making Sunday dinner.

  • Dozer at the shore on the barge

    20 February 2015 Single page view

    A brief description of resupply including the creative transport to shore of a massive bulldozer.

  • The Aurora Australis at Mawson station at sunset

    13 February 2015 Single page view

    Mawson is undergoing resupply & apologise for the lack of news

  • Small painted model soldiers sitting on a table with white cloth

    6 February 2015 Single page view

    Space Wolves in Antarctica? Expeditioner Jens paints model game pieces from Warhammer 40k in this week's news from Mawson station.

  • Twin Otter on its way back to Davis

    30 January 2015 Single page view

    Search and rescue training at Beche Island and airplanes at Mawson station bring new arrivals.

  • Picture of engine parts and bits

    23 January 2015 Single page view

    Expeditioners at Mawson cleaned the water tanks and did some mechanical maintenance on the main power house.

  • A camera on a pole for photography penguin colonies

    16 January 2015 Single page view

    At Mawson station this week, they count Adélie penguins and witness one of Antarctica’s most spectacular natural phenomena.

  • Firefighters at work waiting for action standing outside

    9 January 2015 Single page view

    Fire is no joke at Mawson and it takes frequent training to prepare should one occur, however unlikely. Mawson also says goodbye to Theo and details the airglow spectrometer.

  • Three stuffed Christmas penguin toys dressed in hats, scarves and sunglasses

    19 December 2014 Single page view

    Will Santa stop at Mawson this year? Expeditioners have pulled out all the stops, in hopes the jolly fellow will bestow upon them gifts from the North Pole.

  • A Hagglunds oversnow vehicle looks like a toy from a distance as it sits amongst skiway flags

    12 December 2014 Single page view

    Rumdoodle gets prepped for landing.

  • A group of fluffy emperor penguin chicks and their parents at Auster rookery

    5 December 2014 Single page view

    Mawsonites spend time off-station with emperor penguins and in some of the lovely little shelter huts.

  • The Twin Otter passengers with their pilots on the sea ice at Mawson

    28 November 2014 Single page view

    "We could see pack ice were a multitude of enormous floes rendered tiny by their distance below us formed an irregular patchwork as if some giant had scattered pure white confetti on the surface of the ocean."

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