This week at Mawson

  • Mt Parsons towering above the Antarctic plateau

    11 July 2014 Single page view

    A traverse up to Taylor Glacier for the emperor penguins census, and a look at the Mt Parsons radio repeater.

  • A wind turbine with the sun rising in the background

    4 July 2014 Single page view

    A look at the Mawson station wind turbines, and poor weather prevents the midwinter swim.

  • Rocket at midwinters

    27 June 2014 Single page view

    Congratulations Rocket

  • The colors of the sunrising as we crossed the sea ice

    20 June 2014 Single page view

    The morning colors of the Antarctic plus Mawson station gets hit with World Cup fever!

  • A Hägglunds on the plateau

    13 June 2014 Single page view

    This week at Mawson station, an expeditioner details the perfect camera settings for taking a photo of the beautiful aurora australis displays that light up the sky down south. There is also an overview of what it takes to conduct vital training in the field.

  • One emperor penguin standing and one lying looking directly toward the camera

    6 June 2014 Single page view

    An expedition to the famous and unique Auster emperor penguin rookery plus a closer look at the curious googie huts of Bechervaise Island.

  • The moon high in the sky over the Rumdoodle Plateau - North Masson Range

    30 May 2014 Single page view

    Field travel training and sleeping out in a bivvy bag at Bechervaise Island.

  • Expeditioners riding their quad motorbikes on the sea ice toward the setting sun

    23 May 2014 Single page view

    The sea ice is open for business at Mawson, and the chef shares his mind-numbingly awesome daily view.

  • A tradesman lying on the deck of the melt bell as he hands equipment to a mate working inside the melt bell

    16 May 2014 Single page view

    The Mawson trades team spring into action, the rainbow of Hägglunds is celebrated and more on Mawson hydroponics.

  • A closeup of the icicles frozen to Steve's face

    9 May 2014 Single page view

    A harrowing and sometimes funny tale of one station leader's epic field training experience plus a Hägglunds trip to Mt Henderson and the vegetables of hydroponics.

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