This week at Mawson

  • Two expeditioners hold up a New Zealand flag while crouching on the top of Mt Henderson

    2 May 2014 Single page view

    A week of reflection and adventure at Mawson station.

  • Expeditioner standing beside his bivvy camp protected by snow blocks

    25 April 2014 Single page view

    Imagine sleeping in temperatures far below zero, winds howling outside your tiny shelter, your life depending on a wall of ice blocks, some man-made fabrics and sheer will. This is survival training in Antarctica.

  • The sun setting on the Mawson fuel tanks

    11 April 2014 Single page view

    Job well done! Mawson station wraps up resupply and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Now, back to work.

  • A plumber works in a confined space with a protective mask and oxygen for breathing

    4 April 2014 Single page view

    Resupply operations continue at Mawson and the new station leader is handed the reigns.

  • A small tractor delivers a fuel pod to the fuel farm

    28 March 2014 Single page view

    Mawson goes into resupply mode - the population explodes with ingoing expeditioners and operations support staff.

  • Casey Range at sunset

    21 March 2014 Single page view

    Possibly the last news of the 2013/14 summer from 'Awesome Mawson' including beautiful photos highlighting the delicate beauty of Antarctica.

  • View from Southern Masson camp

    14 March 2014 Single page view

    This week Keldyn reflects on camping in the wild and wonderful Antarctic environment.

  • Iceberg

    7 March 2014 Single page view

    Hearts of gold, silver linings and the "A"factor all alive and well at Mawson.

  • Enjoy time on the water

    28 February 2014 Single page view

    This week John takes us back through the decades at Mawson with excerts from the station logs and Ash tells the tale of a mercy dash to retrieve yoghurt mix from Bechervaise Island (oh yeh and our biologists who have been there since Christmas)

  • Old Pioneer bright orange oversnow vehicle

    21 February 2014 Single page view

    An odyssey with an old pioneer.

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