This week at the station

This week at Mawson: 11 March 2011


It has been a week of contrasts with re-supply, weather and rock stars. There was a lot of hurry up and wait at Mawson as, when the weather was good, the helicopter resupply was in full swing. When the weather was bad it was blizzard bad.

All cargo that could be shifted by air was, and Mawson is now in a great position for the next year. A special thanks to all the crew of the Aurora, the helicopter crews and their support staff, and to all expeditioners who made this resupply happen in a safe, efficient and fun environment.

Debladed helicopter
Wings off for too much wind.
(Photo: David Morrison)
Expeditioners unloading helicopter
Greg and Wilko hard at it.
(Photo: David Morrison)
Expeditioner in vehicle
Lisa in anticipation of the big load.
(Photo: David Morrison)

Ceremony in the Red Shed

Margaret Whitelaw, representing the ANARE Club, presided over the interment ceremony of Phil and Nel Law which was held at the Red Shed. The occasion was attended by 40 expeditioners, with moving eulogies and music by our harpist, Alice Giles.

Antarctica stepped in again and, due to the bad weather and resupply operations, the actual interment of the ashes into the cairn at West Arm will now be conducted during Midwinter celebrations.

Expeditioner with brass urns on the ANARE flag.
Outgoing Station Leader Jim Milne with the urns on the ANARE flag.
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)
Margaret Whitelaw, ANARE representative.
Margaret Whitelaw, ANARE representative.
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)
Station leaders standing on either side of the two brass urns
Mawson Station Leaders, Mark Williams and Jim Milne.
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)

Harping on

Antarctically (if that’s a word) renowned harpist and Antarctic Arts Fellow Alice Giles was with us over resupply. She performed concerts in the Red Shed and did some outside recordings. As with all rock stars, Alice had to have a photo shoot so, not unlike a KISS concert, six burly roadies (tradies) loaded the harp and managed it out onto the ice for some great shots.  It's not very often you see a harpist in an evening gown and sorrels playing the harp in Antarctica. 

Hear a recording of Alice's concert at Mawson on her blog.

Harpist with her harp on the ice with Mawson station in background.
Sorrels go with everything, even evening gowns.
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)
Harpist with ehr harp on the ice at Mawson with sea ice in background.
Harping on about Antarctica.
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)
Smiling harpist
A cold harpist is a happy harpist Cool!
(Photo: Glenn Jacobson)