This week at Mawson: 14 February 2020

The annual resupply operation has commenced at Mawson Station.

Voyage 3 Resupply 2020

This week at Mawson Station, the annual resupply operation has commenced.

After an eventful journey through the pack ice, the resupply vessel Aurora Australis arrived at Mawson early on Sunday 9 February.

Greeted by a clear sunny day with low winds, cargo transfer operations soon commenced in earnest, along with transfer of the new expedition team to station as part of the personnel changeover.

At the time of writing, we are around the midpoint of the operation, with all aspects running smoothly and efficiently. 

We look forward to updating you on further progress and hopefully resupply completion in next week's edition.

-Kyle (Station Leader) 

Three expeditioners unloading cargo from a shipping container
New Mawson expeditioners unloading cargo.
(Photo: J. Wallace)
Expeditioner walking down stairs
New Mawson Station Mechanical Supervisor, Shane Mann, completing fuel transfers.
(Photo: J. Wallace)
An expeditioner writing on a note pad in front of shipping containers
Station Supply Officer Ken Dubois during resupply at Mawson Station.
(Photo: J. Wallace)
The resupply vessel Aurora Australis outside the harbour.
The resupply vessel Aurora Australis outside Mawson Horseshoe Harbour.
(Photo: J. Wallace)