The ANARESAT is the name of the satellite dish that provides the station with internet and phones and it is housed in a large dome shaped building on the hill behind the living quarters. The satellite that it points at is a geosynchronous satellite meaning that the satellite stays above the same point of the earth, moving in synchrony with the earth. This gives us 24/7 internet and phone access.

Radio waves are collected by the large dish and then transmitted via the waveguide to the receiver which converts all the radio waves to usable phone and internet… so I obviously didn't quite understand the whole concept. I am still stuck on the satellites in the sky that hold position over the same place on earth, that's amazing!

Apart from the amazing technology that the dish provides for the station, the ANARESAT dome is quite a distinctive piece of architecture, and features in many aurora photos. Inside it is even more theatrical with all the little panels individually bolted together, lit by flood lights that cast deep shadows up the walls… midwinter movie festival set…?

A large dome
(Photo: Jen Wressell)
A small door leading to the outside
The hobbit door to get into the dome
(Photo: Anon)
A tag with directions written on it
In case we accidently move the satellite and forget which way to…
(Photo: Jen Wressell)
A piece of black tubing running between implements
The radio waves travel down the waveguide... the black tubing
(Photo: Anon)
A plumb drop
Low tech is sometimes the best
(Photo: Anon)
A satellite dish inside a building
The satellite dish inside the dome
(Photo: Jen Wressell)