Fang hut

This week at Mawson: 4 December 2015

Over the weekend four of us decided to head off station and do some walking around the David Ranges. Based out of Fang hut, the plan was to follow the ridge line to Mt Elliot and also explore some of the wind scours on the other side of the ranges from the hut. Unfortunately the weather changed our plans.

Rather uniquely for Mawson, we had no wind but plenty of snow fall. Beautiful, fat snowflakes started falling just as we drove around the base of Fang, up towards the hut. For the three days we were there, the snow kept falling blanketing the slopes and hut in soft powder. We explored the ridges and wind scours around the hut and played in the snow during the brief breaks of sunshine. But a good portion of our time was spent inside the hut, reading, relaxing and playing board games.

It was a lovely weekend and a chance to enjoy snowfall that’s not often encountered at Mawson.

Fang Peak hidden behind cloud and the snow surrounding the hut and the Hagglands.
Fang Peak is hidden behind cloud and the snow surrounding the hut…
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Trev’s long beard makes a great snowflake catcher for the soft large flakes!
Trev’s beard makes a great snowflake catcher!
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Long thin icicles over the hut window.
Icicles hang over the hut window.
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Kate enjoying the snow with the hut and the Hagglunds in the background.
Kate enjoys the snow.
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Linc wearing shorts leans up against the wind scour.
Linc in the windscour
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Three expeditioners walking back up out of the windscour.
Walking back up out of the windscour
(Photo: Kate Kloza)