Resupply operations continue at Mawson

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This week at Mawson: 4 April 2014

The 30th of March 2014 saw the 67th ANARE wake to their first day on the job. The snow was blowing and the wind howling at 65 knots. Last night the 66th ANARE station leader, Graham 'Cookie' Cook, officially handed the station over to the incoming station leader, Steve Robertson. Each of the outgoing winterers were presented with a medallion to acknowledge their contribution to the Australian Antarctic Program. This was followed by several brief speeches before the two wintering teams adjourned to the rec room where they shared stories of Antarctic experiences.

The night also saw the new building services team respond to their first alarm. Beepers and pagers went off which sent all five of them scurrying around for a while before rectifying the problem.

Most of the 2013 wintering team have returned to the Aurora Australis as resupply operations continue.
A plumber works in a confined space with a protective mask and oxygen for breathing
Our plumbers sometimes work in confined spaces
(Photo: Ewan DENHOLM)
cargo being lifted off the ship
A sling load of cargo being lifted from the Aurora Australis
(Photo: Brett Free)
Workers on the ship
Cargo Handlers working on the Heli Deck of the Aurora Australis
(Photo: Brett Free)
Workers and ship crew on the heli deck
Cargo Handlers and ships crew working on the Heli Deck
(Photo: Brett Free)
Helicopter with a sling load of cargo
Helicopter leaving the ship with a sling load of cargo
(Photo: Brett Free)
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