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This week at Mawson: 8 March 2013

Mawson is renown for many things, but good boating weather (once summer is over) isn’t one of them. All of us here on station are ‘experts’ when it comes to deciding when would be good times to take the boats out so after constantly pestering Cookie day in day out to let us go, he finally cracked and the rumour spread around station like wildfire: the boats are going out! Due to everyone being well prepared for such an occasion, once the go ahead was given we were dressed, packed and underway in no time. The primary objective was more than a mere recreational trip. We were headed for the Kellas Islands, just to the NNW of station. These two islands were named after Bill Kellas, who wintered at Mawson in 1959-60. Mr Kellas is the late stepfather of our very own Craig H. Bill passed away last month while Craig was travelling on the Aurora Australis to Mawson. Craig has waited patiently for the weather to calm and give him the chance to visit the islands. The trip out was smooth and once the islands were reached, Craig set foot on the larger of the two islands and spent a short time reflecting on his life with his Dad. After taking some photos of the islands and their residents, it was back into the boats. The wind began to pick up and the decision was made to head home. The trip back into the wind left us all covered in ice and shivering, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Here’s hoping we get a few more good days so we can all get out and enjoy the water before it inevitably freezes once again!

Adelies on Kellas Island
Kellas Island residents
(Photo: Craig Hayhow)
Weddell seal faces camera and is surrounded by snow with water in the background
Another island inhabitant
(Photo: Craig Hayhow)
Trent J avoids icy spray in boat
Trent gets low to avoid icy spray
(Photo: Craig hayhow)
Craig Hayhow in an inflatable boat steering the rudder
Craig at the helm heads for Kellas Islands
(Photo: Jeremy little)
Craig Hayhow on Kellas Island
Craig on Kellas Island
(Photo: Jeremy Little)
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