A visit to our medical facility

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This week at Mawson: 31 May 2013

As we are in a very remote location we need to make sure we can look after ourselves. So, therefore we've got a qualified doctor in our team and one third of the available ground floor space of the red shed is allocated to our hospital. This area is like a miniature ER where everything is available to us. The different rooms are allocated to: dentistry, a laboratory, a store room, a triage department, a consulting room, a fully sized operating theatre and two hospital beds for recovery of the patients. We also have an x-ray machine and, in case of emergency, we can hook up by video-link to medical specialists from all over the world. In Australia we have one doctor per 340, in Belgium there is one doctor per 250 inhabitants and here at Mawson we've got one doctor per 15! Hopefully we will never have to use this equipment but in case something happens it's reassuring to know that we are in capable hands in a well equipped hospital.

I'm sure the pictures will give you a better idea.

Lloyd in surgery room leaning over a book
Doctor Lloyd ponders another medical marvel, or is that a remote for…
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson dental equipment
Anyone for root canal work?
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson doctor's office
The nerve centre - the doc's consult room
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson pharmacy
Our pharmacy
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson medical theatre/operating room
The operations hub
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson theatre stock room with shelves packed full of medical supplies
Stocked and ready for an emergency
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mawson recovery ward showing two empty hospital beds
The recovery area
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Mobile x-ray machine with wheels in a hallway
Mobile x-ray machine
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
Entry to Mawson surgery
If the entry signs don't scare you off, a great doc will…
(Photo: Luc De Pauw)
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