What lies within?

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This week at Mawson: 28 June 2013

Down the hill from our accommodation building sits a long low rust coloured building with very few windows and two doors. Pretty boring from the outside but not so once inside. It has only been around for a few years and was built to house all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces that help to keep us warm, protected and safe. It is the field store and here you will find anything from a mug through to a four man polar pyramid tent. It is the home for back-up protective clothing for in the field and for work. Browsing through the shelves and boxes you will find, boots, gloves, maps, compasses, gear for crevasse travel, ropes, hard hats, ear muffs, tents, gas lights, stoves, skis, sleeping bags, climbing gear, ropes, zip, catches , clip, waterproofing, thermal clothing, inner boots, cooking gear and hundreds of other items that we need for heading out into the field or to stay safe and warm when working outside on station. Our storeman/field training officer looks after the gear in here along with everything in the main store. It is fair to say that John is much happier sorting out the gear in the field store than he is sorting the food etc in the main store. Recently he has pulled out all of the tents to check that they are in good condition. The field store is his second home. I think that he just likes looking at the climbing gear and daydreaming about the longer and warmer days ahead when he can get out into the mountains behind the station to climb a few of the magnificent peaks there.

Mawson field store as seen from a distance, surrounded by snow
The Mawson field store
(Photo: Graham Cook)
John Burgess
John keeping the place tidy
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Box of compasses
Need some direction in your life, grab a compass
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Ice axes
Ice axes waiting to go out in the field
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Protective equipment on shelves in field store
Protective equipment for everyday jobs
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Boots in shelves line a large section of a wall in the field storage building
Need boots? Plenty of spares!
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Boot liners on shelves in storage
New liners to keep the toes cosy
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Mitts on shelves in storage
And cosy mitts for those cold fingers
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Sleeping matts rolled up and on shelves
Insulation for sleeping on ice. - take two
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Ice screws in a large storage tub
Ice screws for tying down anything from your quad bike to your…
(Photo: Gra)
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