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This week at Mawson: 26 July 2013

We saw a few changes this week at Mawson. We are now starting to see the sun more often, and the weather has improved considerably from last week. Last weekend we experienced some pleasant still conditions for a change at Mawson. Some of the cloud formations above station were magnificent.

We also saw a few expeditioners doing different work this week, displaying their skills and experience in alternative fields to their usual work.

Trent is often seen cooking up a feast in the kitchen. His “chicken parmigiana” comes highly recommended. 

Justin happily assists with computer and communications work.

Craig now has skills to observe and, at times, take a damn good guess of what the weather will do, and is often right.

Doctor Lloyd can fix the plumbing – in both humans and buildings. He admits the tools are a little different.

Darron can work a multimeter almost anywhere on station, and also does Met, computer, library and hydroponic work.

Keldyn’s has no trouble changing certain parts of the Nuclear Radiation monitoring equipment.

In all seriousness, every person on station that shares the work does so with skill, training and professionalism. Having a team that can easily multi-task and lend a hand from time to time makes life that much easier on station. Thanks guys!

Trent pouring herbs into a pot.
Trent the Electrical Chef
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Justin wearing a chef's apron and fiddling with wires while wearing ahead torch.
Justin, part time Comms tech, full time chef
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Craig Hayhow stading outside holding two different instruments.
Craig not sure whether he works with weather or Comms.
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Lloyd Fletcher lying on the ground with a spanner wearing overalls.
Lloyd works on doctoring the ducting
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Darron Lehmann standing by a box full of plugs and fuses
Darron,multiskilled multimeter user
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Keldyn Francis wearing safety goggles, gloves and white lab coat at a tank.
Mr Break it, Keldyn takes on a nuclear physicist's job.
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
Cloud formations behind the wind turbine
Sun and clouds so that there is at least one pretty photo…
(Photo: Chris Stevenson)
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