Cliff's incredible journey to Mawson

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This week at Mawson: 22 February 2013

Cliff’s incredible journey to Mawson

What a journey it’s been for me this summer. So much of the continent covered to get to Mawson for winter.

It started with me flying into McMurdo and spending a few days getting reacquainted with some of the sights and facilities they have around there. Included in this was a quick visit to Scott Base.

Next, an uncomfortable but memorable flight on a Hercules soon saw me at Casey, where a few weeks was spent working on the 'West Wing'.

I made it to Davis in time for Christmas celebrations and, on Boxing Day, landed on the sea ice at Mawson. I was privileged to have had Bob, Mike and Perry put up with my whinging and moaning about the poor cabin service all the way from Casey to Mawson. (Gonna miss you guys.) But they showed me some amazing sights along the way.  

I’m so very lucky and my season is only just beginning. It can only get better. Many thanks to everyone who’s made this possible. Woohoo!

Cliff Simpson Davis

Mt erebus
Mt Erebus
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
McMurdo Base, The Chalet
The Chalet, McMurdo Base
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Discovery Hut - an old wooden hut surrounded by snow
Discovery Hut which was built by Scott Feb 1902
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Two expeditioners lean over a sign for Scott Base
Scott Base
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Mountains near McMurdo station
Mountain range near McMurdo
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
An expeditioner leans on the tall Casey signpost
At Casey
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
An expeditioners sits cross-legged at the bottom of the Davis signpost
At Davis
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Cliff Simpson and pilot Bob Heath arm in arm in front of a red and white light plane
With Bob Heath at Casey
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
A large iceberg photographed from above
Bergs from the air
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Bharati station, Larsemann Hills, photographed from above
The new Indian station, Bharati, in the Larsemann Hills
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Antanov biplane in the snow at Progress skiway
Antanov biplane at Progress skiway
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
A new building at Zhong Shan base with a futuristic geometric shape
New building at the Chinese station, Zhong Shan
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Chinese Antarctic station Zhong Shan photographed from afar with snow surrounding it
The Chinese Station, Zhong Shan
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Cliff at Mawson sitting inside, underneath a photo of Sir Douglas Mawson and the station's wood and metal Mawson sign
Cliff, at Mawson, at last
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
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