The Wall (part 1)

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This week at Mawson: 19 July 2013
One of the projects we have this winter is to construct a new climbing wall in the ambient area of the Green Store and when we got started the first task was to move the existing racking system over to allow room for the wall and also give the forklift clear access to the shelving. This was a big job as it meant removing everything from the shelves so they could be shifted into their new position, but on the other hand all of the material and equipment that had been stored up there was sorted out and restacked taking up much less space than before as well as being recorded in an inventory list to make finding things a little easier. Next thing was to gather up all of the components for the wall and get them together in the Green Store. All of this was done by John our FTO who may be leaning towards a career as a storeman and Cliff our waste management officer who umm, ah, well just talks rubbish!

Once we had all of the material on hand we set about sorting out all of the bits and pieces and come up with a plan of attack on how we would put this thing up, so off we went (after doing a quick take 5 of course) and the wall had started.

First off, we set out the position of the wall and floor brackets. The floor brackets needed no modifications and they were dynabolted to the floor. Next came the wall brackets, they had to be cut to length and drilled on site as were the wall girts they were to be fixed on to, so both the brackets and the girts were drilled to suit and then loosely bolted into position. After all of the wall brackets had been bolted onto the girts it was time to stand the vertical members (PFC’s). These were bolted to the wall brackets and are the members of the framework that the fibreglass wall panels are attached to.

This is the stage we are up to with the wall at the moment. Hopefully we will get a good run and have the wall finished soon (B4V4). As for Cliff, not only does he drive us all up the wall he’s helping build it! Stay tuned for THE WALL (Part 2) coming sooner or later.

Site for climbing wall
The site for the new wall
(Photo: Peter Layt)
Man welding steel
Cliffy gets the steel into shape
(Photo: Peter Layt)
climbing wall steel work
The steel work in place
(Photo: Peter Layt)
Climbing wall steel work with large steel posts at right angles
sturdy looking attachment points
(Photo: Peter Layt)
The base of the steel work cementedinto the ground
Well grounded too, not like the climbers
(Photo: Peter Layt)
Metal framework set in a grid pattern against the wall
Almost ready for the wall panels
(Photo: Peter Layt)
Climbing wall section that looks like a lump of rock
a section of the climbing wall
(Photo: Peter Layt)
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