Mawson darts

This week at Mawson: 19 April 2013

Darts has proven to be a popular social activity this year at Mawson, with no signs yet of waning popularity. Some nights can see up to eight or nine candidates vying for supremacy and the highly sought-after kudos that comes with smashing an opponent. The most popular game is “shanghai”, which over the years has traditionally been the game of champions in Antarctic circles.

The name “shanghai” refers to a particular throw where each of the three successive darts land in a single, double and treble portion of the same number.

When playing darts, it is obviously best to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, so that you will be completely at ease and unrestricted.

In the above photo, Chris demonstrates what the well-dressed darter wears. This is actually an official Mawson shirt, to which we can all aspire (unless you’re from Davis, or Casey, or Macca, or whatever), but any neat clean short-sleeved shirt will do for the meantime.

Regarding footwear, there could be nothing worse than having a tight-fitting pair of shoes that keep rubbing with each step you take. I personally find a casual soft leather pair the best. When you have settled on a pair, try to keep them only for when you play darts.

When an opponent is taking a shot, it is bad form to rattle loose change in your pockets, deliberately fiddle with your darts, chink glasses or make unnecessary loud trumpet sounds which might disturb him.

Although you may have heard about Mawson darts players keeping fit, I can assure you that this consideration is not really part of their make-up. Some players choose to indulge in exercise bikes, gym workouts or the sauna, but of course this is all a sheer waste of time. Whatever exercise you care to take, it is best not to overdo it. If you are a naturally big person like many of the leading Mawson players, you may care to stay that way.

Keldyn with a bow and arrow
Keldyn struggles with the concept of "darts"
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
Darron Lehmann
Darron demonstrates what a shanghai looks like
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
Chris C
Chris shows how wearing the right clothes can help jag a shanghai
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
Pete Cubit
Pete c jags an extremely rare bed of double 20's
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
Keldyn Francis playing darts
Despite the presence of cigar smoke, Keldyn jags a shanghai
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)