"Our Kitchen Rules"

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This week at Mawson: 15 March 2013

Plumbers and electricians were busy this week installing new equipment in the kitchen. A heavy air of excitement descended over the mess as a new deep pan fryer, oven and stove assumed their rightful positions in their new home at Mawson. 

Keldyn and Cliff got the new fryer and stove up and running in no time.

Peter C and Trent likewise got the new oven up and running without a hitch.

Two expeditioners installing large industrial kitchen equipment
Keldyn and Cliff installing the new fryer
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
A young male expeditioner is installing a new stove installation
Keldyn installing the new stove
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
Peter C in work uniform pointing a screwdriver at a part of the new oven that has lights and wires
Peter C adjusting something important in the new oven
(Photo: Darron Lehmann)
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