Settling in to winter

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This week at Mawson: 15 February 2013

A busy week at Mawson with the annual resupply finalised, the Aurora Australis released from its moorings and now on its way back to Hobart, several round trip science programs completed, summer programs finished off and the 2013 winter team remaining to unpack the 100 tonnes of cargo left behind.

With numbers on station growing from 20 to more than 70 for the past week, Mawson saw more activity than it has seen for some time. The eight day resupply ran smoothly apart from a two day interuption due to bad weather. 360 000 litres of fuel was pumped from ship to shore along with all the food etc. needed to keep the station running for another year. Six days of air sampling was carried out for a major science program, the wind turbines had software upgrades and a ten year service, Bureau of Meteorology facilities were modernised and a team of six biologists were on the water collecting sample and sediment grabs from around the many islands and near shore areas along the coast. The long-running Adélie penguin program was put to bed for the year and the handover from the outgoing winter team to a fresh and enthusiastic 2013 team went very well.

A great effort from all on board the Aurora Australis and those onshore ensured that the resupply was achieved safely and on time.

More news from Mawson next week when we have some time to unpack and get ourselves a little more organised.

Aurora Australis breaking in to Horseshoe Harbour
Aurora Australis breaking in to Horseshoe Harbour
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
Ice leaving Horseshoe Harbouir
Ice slowly moving out of harbour
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
Aurora Australis moored in Horseshoe Harbour
Tied up at last
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
Adelie penguin watches boat loading
An Adelie sees last of the expeditioners off the premises.
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
Lone Adelie watches Aurora Australis in Harbour
"Hey wait! Maybe I was a bit hasty seeing you off. It's…
(Photo: Keldyn francis)
Aurora Australis departs Mawson
The AA leaves
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
Keldyn Francis at departure of Aurora Australis
Keen Keldyn heads back to station for the long winter with 14…
(Photo: Keldyn Francis)
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