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This week at Mawson: 12 April 2013

The doc takes another of his regular wanders around station and records what he sees.

A mini-blizzard over the last few days dumped lots of soft snow around the station, leaving heavy snowy deposits outside doorways and on the lee side of buildings. However, immediately after the recent blow, Mawson turned on several days of windless, sunny magnificence. If only we could bottle this weather and sell it. Several people took advantage of the good weather to get off Station for some field training. 

After morning tea, the plumber had to give the station leader instructions on how to siphon washing-up detergent so that he could wash the dishes.

The chef showed his masterful trait of brilliance by turning on yet another cleverly decorated birthday cake this week.

Meanwhile, life carries on outside the living quarters on another of our magnificent windless, sunny days. Although the sea ice is now freezing around Mawson, it is not yet open for travel. To the west of Mawson, the brilliant sunlight highlights the dangers of crevasses just a stone’s throw from the station.

And whether the weather is good, bad or ugly, small plants in the form of mosses and lichens cling to life in whatever little sheltered spot they can find, defying the years of exposure to freezing temperatures and severe blizzards which Mawson can throw at it.

A pair of Sorrell boots has been noted, concreted deep into the foundation of an old building. It is hoped that the expeditioner to whom they belonged is not still wearing them.

Snow build up near living quarters
Accumulated deep snow on the downwind side of the living quarters
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Snow dug out from doorways with red door in background
Snow dug out from doorways where it builds up
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Morning tea in mess
Mawsonites enjoy the sunshine while 'snow petrels' frolic overhead during morning tea
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
A table covered with white linen tablecloth shows morning tea items including pancakes, maple syrup and more
With the chef away, the station leader puts up morning tea
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
SL and plumber
The station leader sucks up to the plumber
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Sea ice in Harbour and Kista Straight
Horseshoe Harbour and Kista Straight now frozen and appearing quite solid
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Crevasses near Mawson station
Serious crevassing just to the west of Mawson
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Lichen shown growing on a rock surrounded by snow
Lichen grows despite freezing temperatures and severe blizzards
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
Boots in frozen upside down in concrete and surrounded by snow so you can only see the bottoms of the shoes
Where is the owner of these boots
(Photo: Lloyd Fletcher)
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