Beer gardening - Mawson style

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This week at Mawson: 20 January 2012

Its strange how being away from home affects you - you start to miss some things that you normally take for granted; things that are just around you every day, that you don't notice until they are not around anymore - and so an idea begins. It starts as a bit of a joke at first, to see if anyone notices, and when they do you get amused and wonder how far to take it. This is how my garden started. I planted out one of our indoor plants - well, stuck it in some rocks stacked up behind some sleepers beside the path. I should explain that the plants are plastic, so the cold is not really going to be a problem. After my third trip out with plants Scotty, our chief, notices what I’m up to and says “you know you really need a water feature”. Well, what else could I do, it’s a great idea. The water feature's installed and the rest of the gang are upstairs sitting by the windows, looking and wondering what the heck I’m up to, scratching around in the dirt carrying planks and buckets and pipes. I head back up to the red shed and announce, to everyone’s amusement, that the beer-garden is now open for business - and before I know it everyone comes out with drinks and chips, biscuits, more plants, Bundy-Bear, table and chairs, and an umbrella. Now everyone is outside enjoying the warm Saturday arvo in the garden - who would have thought that something that started as a bit of a joke would grow into something everyone could enjoy, even if it was for just one afternoon.

Mark Saunders

A small plastic plant starts the garden
An idea is planted
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
More plastic plants added to the garden
The idea takes root
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
Expditioners enjoy a drink in the afternoon sun in the new garden
A few gather
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
A tap with running water (courtesy of a small pump)
Water feature installed and running
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
Expeditioners sitting around a picnic table under beach umbrellas
Picnic table and umbrella
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
A fish bin as a drinks cooler with ice and a running tap
An improvised esky/water feature
(Photo: Mark Saunders)
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