Colbeck Hut Visit

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This week at Mawson: 17 June 2011

Following on from the recce to Low Tongue some weeks ago, a group of six travelled to Colbeck Hut to inspect the hut and confirm sea-ice travel conditions for the important Taylor Rookery census later this year. 

Chris, Rod, Wilko, Rich, Scotty and Rolf departed station at 7 am in two Haggs.  One Hagg was towing a trailer loaded with fuel drums, the other a RMIT van for supplementary accommodation at Colbeck.  (We later discovered a stowaway, Peanut the Camel, hiding in a day pack.)

The sky-gods obliged with a still morning, and auroras until 9:30. After dropping some of the fuel at Low Tongue Depot for the next group, we travelled on to Colbeck, encountering some tide-cracks as we rounded the end of the Jalbert Glacier. On arrival at the hut, we discovered that a blizz-tail had covered in the door.  A spot of digging was called for.

Next day, again in light winds, we awoke to 7/8th of the sky in aurora. We visited Proclamation Point, a little further west. En route, there was a stunning jade berg to admire.

At Proclamation Point, we located the plaque, and raised the flag for a group photo. We were unaware that there is a copy of Mawson’s proclamation document and a visitors book cached at the site.  Perhaps the next group will find it. 

(A check of past news items by Chris Wilson after our return located the following entry from 4 July 2008 which shows how things can change and yet be the same. It also has some further history of the location.)

Hut almost buried in snow
The door is in there somewhere!
(Photo: Rolf)
Jade ice berg
Dawn blends into sunset, while the berg glows deeply
(Photo: Rolf)
Expeditioners and flag at Proclaimation Point
(Re)proclaiming the territory
(Photo: Rolf)
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