14 March 2008

Mawson Re-supply Operations

Aerial view of Mawson Station, the Aurora Australis and the iceberg blocking the entrance to  Horseshoe Harbour
Who placed that berg there – it's not funny anymore
Photo: Narelle C
The Aurora Australis at Mawson Station
The Aurora Australis at Mawson
Photo: Zane H
Iced over nameplate of the Aurora Australis II
Aurora Australis
Photo: Gary M

A lot has happened over the past week………our visitors of nine days (all 130+ of them) have come and gone and they left behind good memories, much needed food supplies, fuel, building and mechanical equipment, general station supplies, and wintering expeditioners' personal effects.

Expeditioners unloading cargo during Mawson Station resupply
unloading cargo
Photo: Gary M
Expeditioner unloading cargo
Duds unloading cargo
Photo: Andrew McG
Expeditioner acting as Beachmaster during resupply with items for RTA (Return To Australia)
Tony the Beachmaster amongst the RTA
Photo: Jodi W

We said goodbye to Dick, Rhonda, Dave, Mike, Bob, Thomas, Gary, Dud's, Cathie, Swanie, Alby, Sara, and Zaf. And we welcomed Gary, Robyn, Nick, David, Dominic, McGiver and Andrew. Nick and David had no idea when they arrived at Mawson they would be spending the winter here but were delighted when given the opportunity. Our summer team of 22 has now become a wintering team of 17.

Expeditioners saying goodbye
Nick says goodbye to Bob
Photo: Robyn M
Expeditioners during Mawson Station resupply
Zaf looking presentable
Photo: Narelle C
Mawson Summer Expeditioners leaving station
Farewell to the Summer Team
Photo: Gary M
Resupply barge leaving Mawson Station heading for Aurora Australis in distance
See you next year, maybe?
Photo: Robyn M

Re-supply was a busy time and it also gave everyone the chance to catch up with their friends from the division who assisted with the re-supply as well as those who summered at Casey and Davis. A big thanks to all who assisted with the challenging re-supply – it's was never going to be easy and with the added complications of the ice berg positioned in the centre of the entrance to the harbour, the winds and a few mechanical hiccups with the AA2 and the barge it all came together thanks to the expertise of those who worked long and hard to ensure the re-supply was a success.

Zane, Tony and Frank – the 3 chefs
Zane, Tony and Frank – the 3 chefs
Photo: Zane H

While it's near impossible to thank everyone individually, special thanks go to Nicki, Rob, Dave Mac, Micky, Jibba, Sprunky, Chris, Leigh, Euan, Jeremy, comms operations, weather forecasters, Joe, Casey and Davis trades team, Sharon, Tony, Frank, FTO's, AA crew and the current and outgoing Mawsonites. Everyone put in such a huge effort – thank you !

Farewell to the Aurora Australis

As our summers were getting settled into their cabins we watched the Aurora load up the last of its cargo, and lift the AA2 and barge onto the deck of the ship. The wintering team then made their way over to West Arm with flares in hand to bid farewell knowing there won't be another ship at Mawson for 12 months.

Resupply ferry Aurora Australis II being hoisted onto the Aurora Australis by crane
Loading the AA2 onto the deck
Photo: Gary M
Expeditioner lighting a flare to farewell the Aurora Australis
Charlie lights a flare to say goodbye
Photo: Peter T
Mawson Station Wintering Expeditioners with lit flares farewelling the Aurora Australis
Wintering team spread out over West Arm
Photo: Gary M

Boj got Bogged

Good on you Boj……we're still not sure who's bogged, is it Boj or the ute?

Expeditioner up to knees in snow with bogged utility vehicle
Boj or the ute?
Photo: Zane H
Recovering bogged utility vehicle
It was Boj who got the ute bogged !!!
Photo: Zane H

Happy Birthday to two expeditioners

Last Monday Mawson Station celebrated two birthdays on the same day…..Narelle and Zane. Narelle was trying to tell everyone she is only a few years older than Zane and wasn't able to convince anyone. The chefs on the day were Tony, Boj and Robyn who cooked up a pasta feast, along with pavlova and a chocolate cake.

Expeditioner cooking pasta
Boj cooking pasta
Photo: Robyn M
Expeditioner lighting candles on shared birthday cake for Station Leader and Chef
Tony lighting the candles
Photo: Robyn M
Station Leader and Chef blowing out the candles on shared birthday cake
Zane and Narelle blowing out the candles
Photo: Robyn M

Everyone ended up 4 kg's heavier that night !!