11 January 2008

Station SAR Exercise

The scenario : on Wednesday afternoon, the whole station was alerted by a SAR (Search and Rescue) alarm. We were notified that an elderly couple had gone missing from the Kapitan Khlebnikov during the ship's recent visit to the station.

The KK had conducted its own search on the ship and when they realised they were missing two people they notified us at Mawson to search for Beryl and Henry, 60+ year olds from Sweden. All expeditioners were involved in the search and it wasn't long before 'Henry' was found hiding between two inflatable canoes.

As it turned out, the husband was trying to escape from his wife, Beryl, and eventually, after the entire station was searched, Beryl turned up hiding under her bunk on the KK. However, as we were standing down we discovered one of our expeditioners had gone missing. One of our plumbers, Bob, did not return to the muster point, so a search party returned to where he was last seen to retrace his steps.

The medical scenario : Bob was found soon after … he had fallen two metres off a ladder from the top of the water tank onto a platform that is difficult to access. He had an open wound with a bone protruding from his leg (actually it was a lamb chop and fake blood) and the medical team went into full swing to stabilise the patient. Bob survived and rejoined the team for dinner.

Expeditioners taking part in Search and Rescue training exercise
Jock (note taker), and Narelle (SAR Coordinator) receiving an update from Charlie and Geoff ( Search Party 4) on what they discovered when looking for Beryl and Henry.
Photo: Thomas S
Expeditioner with 'broken leg' (lamb chop strapped to leg) as part of Search and Rescue training
Bob's broken leg (lamb chop strapped to leg)
Photo: Thomas S
Station Doctor observing medical team during Search and Rescue training
Peter (Doc) observing medical team in assessing Bob the patient

Mt Henderson Visit

Zane, Cathie and Jodi visited Fang Hut and Mt Henderson as part a field training exercise and while at Mt Hendo Jodi, SCTO, was able to repair the repeater antenna which had been smashed to smithereens by the wind. It was replaced with the shorter Moonraker MD H/S which should last longer in the wind, with some compromise in coverage.

While in the field, the three expeditioners were able to sit back and take in the amazing views the Mawson surrounds has to offer.

New repeater antenna installed at Mt. Henderson near Mawson Station
New antenna at Hendo
Photo: Jodi W
View from Mt Henderson field hut
View from Mt Henderson Hut
Photo: Jodi W
View from Fang field hut near Mawson Station
View from Fang Hut
Photo: Jodi W

Ice field with Mt Henderson in the distance
Mt Henderson
Photo: Jodi W
Expeditioner with quad bikes and Rumdoodle Peak in background
Zane on route to Mt Henderson
Photo: Jodi W

Work on Station

Another very busy week for the Mawson trades team.

The photo below shows Tony Z firing up the 'vintage' Lombardini fuel transfer pump.

Expeditioner working with fuel transfer pump
Tony Z

Alby working on the rebuild of No 1 genset engine in the main power house.

Expeditioner working on engine in Mawson Station main powerhouse
Which button do I press?

Team 'Plum' after a hard days work cleaning out potable water tank 2.

Mawson Station Plumbers after cleaning out one of the potable water tanks
Tony, Bob and Charlie…guess who worked the hardest?
Photo: Sara C

In the Field

On Boxing Day, penguin scientist David and FTO Thomas walked and cross country skied up to Mt Henderson Hut. Their plan was a ridge traverse of all three peaks of Mt Henderson via the 2km-long Goldsworthy Ridge.

Rewards were close-up views of mosses and lichen and plenty of snow petrels among the rocks; also some stunning panoramas from the summits. Crawling onto the main peak of Mt Henderson, the climbers were disappointed to discover that the installed tap and power point did not work.

Promptly a note was posted to the Building Services Supervisor to send up a plumber and an electrician … According to the hut log the full traverse has only been climbed 3 times since 1978. The team may have been the first to do the climb completely by foot from Mawson station.

Boxing Day was Thomas' birthday; no doubt one of his most memorable.

Expeditioner at the summit of Mt. Henderson
Thomas at the summit
Photo: David W

BechervaiseIsland Visit

On New Years Day a number of expeditioners walked to Bechervaise Island (2km) to visit the Adélie penguin colony.

Expeditioners walking to Adelie penguin colony on Bechervaise Island
Charlie, Bob and Geoff on the edge of Bechervaise Island
Photo: Thomas S
Expeditioner filming the Adelie penguins and their chicks on Bechervaise Island
Boj filming the Adélie's and their chicks
Photo: Thomas S